Deepin and loss of 32-bit support



I must admit I’m addicted to Deepin Desktop Enviroment.
I feel sad that Arch & Manjaro are dropping 32-bit support.

I have an original Acer One Atom netbook with 32-bit processor.
Linux options are getting very much limited (32-Bit) as I prefer: Graphical Installer, Rolling Release, i686 Architecture.
Been debating on which operating system to switch to.

I accidentally stumbled upon:
DebianDog-Stretch with Deepin DE forum thread

ISO Download:

Looks promising

Life is Good on Manjaro


If you don’t know about ArchLinux32 yet:

Not a short term alternative, though. Not quite ready, yet. They need much advice on package building errors, automated tests and such.



If you don’t know about ArchLinux32 yet:

Thanks for the heads-up Eugen ~ I do have some free time on my hands so I may be able to assist with compiling/building of packages etc.

Now if I can add my 32 cents worth :rofl:


I would probably try SparkyLinux.

(I don’t feel well when using Puppy Linux of any kind.)


I am so glad I still found Manjaro Deepin 32bits for my silly Acer X1430, that is 64bits originally but with only 4G ram, I use only 32bits material. And I think, Manjaro Deepin looks absolutely beautifull. There is 1 little handicap though: Wine installations don’t show in the Deepin menu.
On the silly machine I run 5 versions of Linux and Manajaro Deepin is the most interesting, although heavy on the resources, but that stands for all the Manjaros. I also run the Debian stuffed MX16 Linux which is the lighter on the resources together with PepperMint 6 which is a funny little thing, also a Debian infected piece of artwork from England. I use Manjaro though not only for the professionallity but also for the latest wine because of my Windows past and the programs kept in use.