just installed latest @ant all good

Dishonored 2



I seem to be having some issue installing. I'm trying to install on a nvme drive, specifically on nvme0n1p4 for / and nvme0n1p6 for /home. I already have another linux distro and windows installed on other partitions.

Whilst the installer seems to see the partitions, It doesn't seem to see them when trying to 'select devices' in the installer.

And when I try and mount nvme0n1p4 it fails?

Any help would be very appreciated. Also both fdisk and lsblk can see these partitions fine.

Thanks :blush:

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This really isn't the thread to post help requests :hugs: You should probably start a thread in this section (other OS) and ask for help there. Please mention in the thread title you are using this ISO and that it is Arch linux. that being said i use this ISO but not in the way you intend to ie. I use a single SSD drive. I am going to install it fresh on my NVME drive tomorrow. Just to eliminate the installer not liking NVME drives. Then time allowing i will try and install it the same way you are trying basically / on NVME and separate /home on SSD.

Can you post the out put of sudo fdisk -l


Thank you, and sorry for posting the help request here. I've created a new thread and posted the output of fdisk and lsblk here:

Again thanks for your support!


I'm trying to install deep-plasma, which I have played with in virtualbox and via the usb and is awesome btw.

Anyway when I try to install it on my SSD (nvme) along my existing Manjaro and Windows it does not seem to be able to partition or mount my drive, although it does seem to see those partitions?


Any help would be appreciated?

how many other operating systems do you have on that ssd

I know it was recommended to create another topic but since this isn't actually Manjaro and your question is related to the installer for deep-plasma it probably makes sense to keep it one place so I merged it back here again.

Currently I have 2 other OS.

  • Windows on nvme0n1p3
  • Manjaro root on nvme0n1p5 and Manjaro home on nvme0n1p9

I want to install deep-plasma onto nvme0n1p4 for root and nvme0n1p6 for home.

Pango update breaks terminus font ( intentional )

I downgraded the package until a fix, or you can use another font.

sudo pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/pango-1:1.43.0-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

Due to my inexperience with installing on multiple disks with other OSes installed, and the fact I don't have a nvme drive, I am going to give this a wide berth. I don't want to give you false information that might br!ck your system. (hope your backed up)

Hopefully someone with more knowledge can help you.

Sorry @BMan

same here if it was ssd no problem but nvme i have never used one do they read out sda,sdb does gparted see them

Start here:

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No problem, I understand. If you do want to do any testing let me know as I have another SSD laptop I can test on.

FYI the installer does seem to be able to see the partitions, its just not able to mount them for whatever reason.

@rbrick49 no probs, thanks anyway. Yes fdisk, lsblk, and gparted can all see the partitions and I actually formatted them in gparted as ext4 again (and mounted them) just to test.

@Elloquin Thanks for the link, I'll check it out!

Thanks, most testing has been done and works fine for most setups, the only problem, is people not being able to install to nvme drives, some have managed it and some have the same problem as you.

Is any of them nvme drives empty?
Only thing I can suggest is try installing to just one nvme drive if possible.
If you want to try it let me know and I'll post some info for you. I will need the name of the nvme drive you want to test with, please make sure there is nothing on that drive and you have backed it up.

If you don't have the time or patience, its no problem.

Also what make are the nvme drives?

PM if your interested :wink:

I would do this first make sure secure boot is off in the bios then make a partition on that second nvme then run calamares installer first make the partition gpt you will have to do that when you make the parition next 1 fat 32 paritition boot/uefi 200mib then root partition / 25000 mib then home whatever size you have left you might need to adjust root partition size maybe increase it but see how you go

i will get a nvme to test in this new motherboard to see how they work will let you know

Well I got it to install :crazy_face:

Basically I had to manually mount the partitions and not let the installer try and mount them and then install the the base, etc via the installer. Then boot into my Manjaro partition and manually add a grub entry to boot into deep-plasma, which I have now done.

I can boot into itm, and it seems to be running fine but I cannot run 'pacman -Syu' as it gives a heap of errors... but I think this may be due to doing the pacstrap manually rather than the installer?

I'll keep testing and let you know if I can get it working.

Did you update the mirrors first?

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