Decryption of partition takes a lot of time


When i boot, i have to type a password, but it takes about 20 seconds to open Slot 0.
I think it has something to do with the number of iterations used when encrypting.
Is there a way to get the iters down with the live install?


The time taken to unlock an encrypted partition is normal - and most of it is because of limitations with GRUB and LUKS encryption.

Different methods can be utilized

  • initialize the partition using the command line
    • chose the manual partitioning in the installer
  • use Architect
    • initialize the partition beforehand
  • use an unencrypted boot partition
  • if encrypted root is desired
    • use Architect and choose to use systemd-boot

So i guess it can’t be done in the live-installer? Because i can’t choose systemd boot there.
My /boot/efi is unencrypted…

But will try Architect and init partitition scheme / LUKS encryption before starting the install…

Thank you

That’s not the same as a /boot partition. :wink:

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