Debugging Manjaro packages


I’m currently trying (and failing) to debug an XRDP issue related to Manjaro and systemd

I’m new to Manjaro, but have pretty extensive experience with RPM-based distros, and (to a lesser extent) DEB-based distros. On both of those, there are documented procedures to install some sort of debugging package which contains the debug symbols and source code for an OS-supplied package. This allows a developer to step through the OS-installed software and libraries at a source level.

I’d really like to be able to do this with the PAM libraries installed with the systemd packages on Manjaro to look at this fault, but I can’t find a description anywhere of how to achieve this. Can anyone give me any pointers?


I’m not aware of any such packages. As far as I know, the best you can do is getting the PKGBUILD and building it with debugging symbols enabled. Take a look at OPTIONS in makepkg.conf.

systemd-homed : yes, it’s only a warning ; it’s fixed (no display this error) with next systemd version

I have no idea if such debug packages exist.

The libraries mentioned is upstream Arch and you will find the sources at github using the svntogit repositories.

For sources of specific packages you can locate those by using the web navigating to packages then filter using e.g. pam.

I think maybe you are looking for this ?

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Thanks all,

I’ll look into this next week.