.deb file in manjaro

can .deb file or debian based files or apps work with manjaro KDE plasma? if yes and tell me how to install

If you have to ask - the anser is clearly: NO, don’t try.

Use the package managers pamac or pacman to install packages.

More info about the repositories can be found in the wiki:

How to use packages from AUR is explained here:


If you install debtap from the AUR, then you can convert .deb packages into ALPM packages, as what Manjaro uses. :arrow_down:

pamac build debtap


The use of this tool and of these packages in Manjaro is not supported, and if it breaks your system, then you are on your own. Don’t come asking us for help with whatever problems would be caused by those packages, because you’ll receive the exact same answer every time, i.e. :arrow_down:

Sorry, we don’t support that, and we told you so.



yes i use pamac gui

some apps only in .deb and i want try those apps, any way?

It’s your system, and if you break it, the pieces are yours to keep. :man_shrugging:


weird answer.

See post #3 on this thread.

One fact is that almost all the software you might want (via .deb packages)
is available in Arch/Manjaro.
Either as part of the regular repositories
or can be installed through the AUR.

What can be a problem, especially for you (or any new to linux user)
is that the names are not always the same.

So: you know what you would want in the Debian/Ubuntu ecosystem - but you don’t know what that same software is called in other distributions.
Of course the names are almost always very similar.

A little research on your own will help, of course -
and then
a more profitable way towards your goal might be
to just ask what the equivalent of package_xyz.deb is in the Arch/Manjaro ecosystem.

Or look at the source your software is built from - that might give you an idea what to look for here.

Using packages made for other distributions only sounds like a good solution to your “problem”.
It isn’t.

Describe what you want to do - don’t be set on how and what you want to do it with …


okay few months ago i was a zorin os user means debian user and right now i am manjaro OS user,
that’s why i ask this
thank you for help

What is the name of the package(s) that you want to install on your Manjaro system?

.deb - debian based package

ok, I see you would like to keep the name of the software package a secret. I am out…


If you share with us the packages we might be able to help you. Depending on the package, if it doesn’t exist on pamac or the AUR, it might be easier to just build it yourself from source.

how to do?

As Aragorn mentioned, if you are asking this you probably aren’t ready to do it yet. Just link the package and we can take a look at it and possibly help you. Otherwise, we really can’t help.

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Which are this apps?
If you don’t tell; we can’t help

Also see

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For my own edification, what exactly makes installing a .deb package so dangerous to your Manjaro system?

*I’m not planning to do this, and I haven’t done it either. Just trying to understand the mechanics of what causes things to go wrong.

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It’s not dangerous in and of itself - just mostly totally unnecessary
and if you don’t use debtap (or similar) to convert it to the native format of Arch/Manjaro, then you are essentially circumventing the package manager and create issues further down the road. - and be it only some outdated and/or conflicting files
(see the many questions that arise from issues with those here).