deadbeef 1.8?

Is deadbeef 1.8 available yet? I only see the old version 0.7.2.

Will take some time, version 1.8 is not yet unstable.

Thanks. I find that strange as deadbeef 1.8 is available for Debian, which is usually very slow to adopt new software versions due to it's focus on stability. I would have expected it to be available on "cutting-edge" arch-based distros before Debian...

It is at 0.7.2-5 at Arch and was flagged as out-of-date at 2019-04-07, i.e. right after 1.8 was released:
Why it is not updated is up to the trusted users of arch. Maybe none of them uses that package and none is willing to build it.
Have a look at: and How do the Manjaro repos work? to see how the arch and manjaro repos work

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Ok, thanks. I'll look again in a month or so.

waker Owner Gonzo3 months ago

What made you think it's 32bit? It's quite opposite, 64 bit only from now on.
I do plan to make the deb and arch packages as usual, just didn't get to it yet.
It might take a bit of extra time.

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