Dead links to a old forum

It would be nice if or forum site admin add redirect from old forum pages. In first days i landed at least 10 times to a non existing link (if i remember correctly, it was from a global search engine?).
Today again, for example:

here is linked to dead(not redirected):
while the page was moved apparently to:

So maybe making old dead link pages noindex parameter and trying to reindex archived pages maybe using sitemap or such, google webmaster console?

Best would be to create .htaccess redirect from old pages to archive or importing archived to main forum so it is found

Using DDG as my primary…
I got the archived forum first, and THIS page second.

Which ‘global search’ engine were you using? Again, often in forum posts we have issues with hypothetical and non-specific comments which don’t help replicate or investigate the issue ‘I was using something but I’m not gonna tell you what it was’.

Using the most evil Global engine, the result was top, and the second link was ‘The Pernicious USB-stick stall problem’ - which contained a link - which leads you to more live and relevent content.
My experience was excellent.

I was unable to replicate your problem in finding a dead link. Sorry.

I am also unable to reproduce it. I do not know remember from where i have landed to these dead links, i thought important is that these exist and are not treated/redirected to archive.