Dead keys affect other keyboard layouts

Hi, there’s this issue I’ve been having since forever, about which I can’t find anything useful online. So, maybe someone here knows what’s going on and how to fix this.

I use multiple keyboard layouts, as I write in different languages. My native language (Latvian) has many diacritic marks that are written using a dead key. For example, the default keyboard for Latvian is the normal US QWERTY with a dead key on the apostrophe, which when pressed directly before another letter produces something like “ā”. So far so good. Then I installed an alternative ‘ergonomic’ layout (Latvian Modern) with different key positions. It’s somewhat like a Latvian Dvorak if you will. That one also has the apostrophe as the dead key, however, the apostrophe is now located where ‘H’ is on QWERTY. The weird thing is that, if I switch back to the original Latvian layout, both dead keys produce the diacritic marks. The apostrophe, as well as ‘h’ (if the next key is pressed quickly enough).

On top of that, if I switch to English US QWERTY, both dead keys also have an effect. Normally, if you press a letter and keep it pressed, it keeps printing that letter. Like soooooooo. However, with the keys that are the dead keys in other layouts, this doesn’t happen, the key event is just registered once. Like so: h. This is super annoying when using vim.

So - can anyone shed some light on what might be going on and how to fix this?


P.S. I use gnome.

Hi :wave:

Could post you keymap?

setxkbmap -query


Hi! Thanks for chiming in!

setxkbmap -query
rules:      evdev
model:      pc105
layout:     us,lv,lv,us
variant:    ,modern,fkey,
options:    caps:swapescape

Ok nice… so you are talking about the variants modern and fkey of the layout lv. Since i don’t use this layout and don’t speak that language, it would be easier to have specific information.

Could you post the output of:

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 sudo dumpkeys -l

and run:

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 sudo showkey -a

then press the keys that effect your problem.

That would be much easier to follow for the most of us :wink:


Sure, here goes:

Output of LANG=en_US.UTF-8 sudo dumpkeys -l :

 keycode range supported by kernel:           1 - 255
max number of actions bindable to a key:         256
number of keymaps in actual use:                 9
of which 2 dynamically allocated
ranges of action codes supported by kernel:
	0x0000 - 0x00ff
	0x0100 - 0x01ff
	0x0200 - 0x0213
	0x0300 - 0x0313
	0x0400 - 0x041a
	0x0500 - 0x05ff
	0x0600 - 0x0603
	0x0700 - 0x0708
	0x0800 - 0x08ff
	0x0900 - 0x0919
	0x0a00 - 0x0a08
	0x0b00 - 0x0bff
	0x0c00 - 0x0c08
	0x0d00 - 0x0dff
	0x0e00 - 0x0e0a
number of function keys supported by kernel: 256
max nr of compose definitions: 256
nr of compose definitions in actual use: 158
Symbols recognized by dumpkeys:
(numeric value, symbol)

0x0000	nul
0x0001	Control_a
0x0002	Control_b
0x0003	Control_c
0x0004	Control_d
0x0005	Control_e
0x0006	Control_f
0x0007	Control_g
0x0008	BackSpace
0x0009	Tab
0x000a	Linefeed
0x000b	Control_k
0x000c	Control_l
0x000d	Control_m
0x000e	Control_n
0x000f	Control_o
0x0010	Control_p
0x0011	Control_q
0x0012	Control_r
0x0013	Control_s
0x0014	Control_t
0x0015	Control_u
0x0016	Control_v
0x0017	Control_w
0x0018	Control_x
0x0019	Control_y
0x001a	Control_z
0x001b	Escape
0x001c	Control_backslash
0x001d	Control_bracketright
0x001e	Control_asciicircum
0x001f	Control_underscore
0x0020	space
0x0021	exclam
0x0022	quotedbl
0x0023	numbersign
0x0024	dollar
0x0025	percent
0x0026	ampersand
0x0027	apostrophe
0x0028	parenleft
0x0029	parenright
0x002a	asterisk
0x002b	plus
0x002c	comma
0x002d	minus
0x002e	period
0x002f	slash
0x0030	zero
0x0031	one
0x0032	two
0x0033	three
0x0034	four
0x0035	five
0x0036	six
0x0037	seven
0x0038	eight
0x0039	nine
0x003a	colon
0x003b	semicolon
0x003c	less
0x003d	equal
0x003e	greater
0x003f	question
0x0040	at
0x0041	A
0x0042	B
0x0043	C
0x0044	D
0x0045	E
0x0046	F
0x0047	G
0x0048	H
0x0049	I
0x004a	J
0x004b	K
0x004c	L
0x004d	M
0x004e	N
0x004f	O
0x0050	P
0x0051	Q
0x0052	R
0x0053	S
0x0054	T
0x0055	U
0x0056	V
0x0057	W
0x0058	X
0x0059	Y
0x005a	Z
0x005b	bracketleft
0x005c	backslash
0x005d	bracketright
0x005e	asciicircum
0x005f	underscore
0x0060	grave
0x0061	a
0x0062	b
0x0063	c
0x0064	d
0x0065	e
0x0066	f
0x0067	g
0x0068	h
0x0069	i
0x006a	j
0x006b	k
0x006c	l
0x006d	m
0x006e	n
0x006f	o
0x0070	p
0x0071	q
0x0072	r
0x0073	s
0x0074	t
0x0075	u
0x0076	v
0x0077	w
0x0078	x
0x0079	y
0x007a	z
0x007b	braceleft
0x007c	bar
0x007d	braceright
0x007e	asciitilde
0x007f	Delete
0x00a0	nobreakspace
0x00a1	exclamdown
0x00a2	cent
0x00a3	sterling
0x00a4	currency
0x00a5	yen
0x00a6	brokenbar
0x00a7	section
0x00a8	diaeresis
0x00a9	copyright
0x00aa	ordfeminine
0x00ab	guillemotleft
0x00ac	notsign
0x00ad	hyphen
0x00ae	registered
0x00af	macron
0x00b0	degree
0x00b1	plusminus
0x00b2	twosuperior
0x00b3	threesuperior
0x00b4	acute
0x00b5	mu
0x00b6	paragraph
0x00b7	periodcentered
0x00b8	cedilla
0x00b9	onesuperior
0x00ba	masculine
0x00bb	guillemotright
0x00bc	onequarter
0x00bd	onehalf
0x00be	threequarters
0x00bf	questiondown
0x00c0	Agrave
0x00c1	Aacute
0x00c2	Acircumflex
0x00c3	Atilde
0x00c4	Adiaeresis
0x00c5	Aring
0x00c6	AE
0x00c7	Ccedilla
0x00c8	Egrave
0x00c9	Eacute
0x00ca	Ecircumflex
0x00cb	Ediaeresis
0x00cc	Igrave
0x00cd	Iacute
0x00ce	Icircumflex
0x00cf	Idiaeresis
0x00d0	ETH
0x00d1	Ntilde
0x00d2	Ograve
0x00d3	Oacute
0x00d4	Ocircumflex
0x00d5	Otilde
0x00d6	Odiaeresis
0x00d7	multiply
0x00d8	Ooblique
0x00d9	Ugrave
0x00da	Uacute
0x00db	Ucircumflex
0x00dc	Udiaeresis
0x00dd	Yacute
0x00de	THORN
0x00df	ssharp
0x00e0	agrave
0x00e1	aacute
0x00e2	acircumflex
0x00e3	atilde
0x00e4	adiaeresis
0x00e5	aring
0x00e6	ae
0x00e7	ccedilla
0x00e8	egrave
0x00e9	eacute
0x00ea	ecircumflex
0x00eb	ediaeresis
0x00ec	igrave
0x00ed	iacute
0x00ee	icircumflex
0x00ef	idiaeresis
0x00f0	eth
0x00f1	ntilde
0x00f2	ograve
0x00f3	oacute
0x00f4	ocircumflex
0x00f5	otilde
0x00f6	odiaeresis
0x00f7	division
0x00f8	oslash
0x00f9	ugrave
0x00fa	uacute
0x00fb	ucircumflex
0x00fc	udiaeresis
0x00fd	yacute
0x00fe	thorn
0x00ff	ydiaeresis
0x0100	F1
0x0101	F2
0x0102	F3
0x0103	F4
0x0104	F5
0x0105	F6
0x0106	F7
0x0107	F8
0x0108	F9
0x0109	F10
0x010a	F11
0x010b	F12
0x010c	F13
0x010d	F14
0x010e	F15
0x010f	F16
0x0110	F17
0x0111	F18
0x0112	F19
0x0113	F20
0x0114	Find
0x0115	Insert
0x0116	Remove
0x0117	Select
0x0118	Prior
0x0119	Next
0x011a	Macro
0x011b	Help
0x011c	Do
0x011d	Pause
0x011e	F21
0x011f	F22
0x0120	F23
0x0121	F24
0x0122	F25
0x0123	F26
0x0124	F27
0x0125	F28
0x0126	F29
0x0127	F30
0x0128	F31
0x0129	F32
0x012a	F33
0x012b	F34
0x012c	F35
0x012d	F36
0x012e	F37
0x012f	F38
0x0130	F39
0x0131	F40
0x0132	F41
0x0133	F42
0x0134	F43
0x0135	F44
0x0136	F45
0x0137	F46
0x0138	F47
0x0139	F48
0x013a	F49
0x013b	F50
0x013c	F51
0x013d	F52
0x013e	F53
0x013f	F54
0x0140	F55
0x0141	F56
0x0142	F57
0x0143	F58
0x0144	F59
0x0145	F60
0x0146	F61
0x0147	F62
0x0148	F63
0x0149	F64
0x014a	F65
0x014b	F66
0x014c	F67
0x014d	F68
0x014e	F69
0x014f	F70
0x0150	F71
0x0151	F72
0x0152	F73
0x0153	F74
0x0154	F75
0x0155	F76
0x0156	F77
0x0157	F78
0x0158	F79
0x0159	F80
0x015a	F81
0x015b	F82
0x015c	F83
0x015d	F84
0x015e	F85
0x015f	F86
0x0160	F87
0x0161	F88
0x0162	F89
0x0163	F90
0x0164	F91
0x0165	F92
0x0166	F93
0x0167	F94
0x0168	F95
0x0169	F96
0x016a	F97
0x016b	F98
0x016c	F99
0x016d	F100
0x016e	F101
0x016f	F102
0x0170	F103
0x0171	F104
0x0172	F105
0x0173	F106
0x0174	F107
0x0175	F108
0x0176	F109
0x0177	F110
0x0178	F111
0x0179	F112
0x017a	F113
0x017b	F114
0x017c	F115
0x017d	F116
0x017e	F117
0x017f	F118
0x0180	F119
0x0181	F120
0x0182	F121
0x0183	F122
0x0184	F123
0x0185	F124
0x0186	F125
0x0187	F126
0x0188	F127
0x0189	F128
0x018a	F129
0x018b	F130
0x018c	F131
0x018d	F132
0x018e	F133
0x018f	F134
0x0190	F135
0x0191	F136
0x0192	F137
0x0193	F138
0x0194	F139
0x0195	F140
0x0196	F141
0x0197	F142
0x0198	F143
0x0199	F144
0x019a	F145
0x019b	F146
0x019c	F147
0x019d	F148
0x019e	F149
0x019f	F150
0x01a0	F151
0x01a1	F152
0x01a2	F153
0x01a3	F154
0x01a4	F155
0x01a5	F156
0x01a6	F157
0x01a7	F158
0x01a8	F159
0x01a9	F160
0x01aa	F161
0x01ab	F162
0x01ac	F163
0x01ad	F164
0x01ae	F165
0x01af	F166
0x01b0	F167
0x01b1	F168
0x01b2	F169
0x01b3	F170
0x01b4	F171
0x01b5	F172
0x01b6	F173
0x01b7	F174
0x01b8	F175
0x01b9	F176
0x01ba	F177
0x01bb	F178
0x01bc	F179
0x01bd	F180
0x01be	F181
0x01bf	F182
0x01c0	F183
0x01c1	F184
0x01c2	F185
0x01c3	F186
0x01c4	F187
0x01c5	F188
0x01c6	F189
0x01c7	F190
0x01c8	F191
0x01c9	F192
0x01ca	F193
0x01cb	F194
0x01cc	F195
0x01cd	F196
0x01ce	F197
0x01cf	F198
0x01d0	F199
0x01d1	F200
0x01d2	F201
0x01d3	F202
0x01d4	F203
0x01d5	F204
0x01d6	F205
0x01d7	F206
0x01d8	F207
0x01d9	F208
0x01da	F209
0x01db	F210
0x01dc	F211
0x01dd	F212
0x01de	F213
0x01df	F214
0x01e0	F215
0x01e1	F216
0x01e2	F217
0x01e3	F218
0x01e4	F219
0x01e5	F220
0x01e6	F221
0x01e7	F222
0x01e8	F223
0x01e9	F224
0x01ea	F225
0x01eb	F226
0x01ec	F227
0x01ed	F228
0x01ee	F229
0x01ef	F230
0x01f0	F231
0x01f1	F232
0x01f2	F233
0x01f3	F234
0x01f4	F235
0x01f5	F236
0x01f6	F237
0x01f7	F238
0x01f8	F239
0x01f9	F240
0x01fa	F241
0x01fb	F242
0x01fc	F243
0x01fd	F244
0x01fe	F245
0x01ff	F246
0x0200	VoidSymbol
0x0201	Return
0x0202	Show_Registers
0x0203	Show_Memory
0x0204	Show_State
0x0205	Break
0x0206	Last_Console
0x0207	Caps_Lock
0x0208	Num_Lock
0x0209	Scroll_Lock
0x020a	Scroll_Forward
0x020b	Scroll_Backward
0x020c	Boot
0x020d	Caps_On
0x020e	Compose
0x020f	SAK
0x0210	Decr_Console
0x0211	Incr_Console
0x0212	KeyboardSignal
0x0213	Bare_Num_Lock
0x0300	KP_0
0x0301	KP_1
0x0302	KP_2
0x0303	KP_3
0x0304	KP_4
0x0305	KP_5
0x0306	KP_6
0x0307	KP_7
0x0308	KP_8
0x0309	KP_9
0x030a	KP_Add
0x030b	KP_Subtract
0x030c	KP_Multiply
0x030d	KP_Divide
0x030e	KP_Enter
0x030f	KP_Comma
0x0310	KP_Period
0x0311	KP_MinPlus
0x0400	dead_grave
0x0401	dead_acute
0x0402	dead_circumflex
0x0403	dead_tilde
0x0404	dead_diaeresis
0x0405	dead_cedilla
0x0406	dead_macron
0x0500	Console_1
0x0501	Console_2
0x0502	Console_3
0x0503	Console_4
0x0504	Console_5
0x0505	Console_6
0x0506	Console_7
0x0507	Console_8
0x0508	Console_9
0x0509	Console_10
0x050a	Console_11
0x050b	Console_12
0x050c	Console_13
0x050d	Console_14
0x050e	Console_15
0x050f	Console_16
0x0510	Console_17
0x0511	Console_18
0x0512	Console_19
0x0513	Console_20
0x0514	Console_21
0x0515	Console_22
0x0516	Console_23
0x0517	Console_24
0x0518	Console_25
0x0519	Console_26
0x051a	Console_27
0x051b	Console_28
0x051c	Console_29
0x051d	Console_30
0x051e	Console_31
0x051f	Console_32
0x0520	Console_33
0x0521	Console_34
0x0522	Console_35
0x0523	Console_36
0x0524	Console_37
0x0525	Console_38
0x0526	Console_39
0x0527	Console_40
0x0528	Console_41
0x0529	Console_42
0x052a	Console_43
0x052b	Console_44
0x052c	Console_45
0x052d	Console_46
0x052e	Console_47
0x052f	Console_48
0x0530	Console_49
0x0531	Console_50
0x0532	Console_51
0x0533	Console_52
0x0534	Console_53
0x0535	Console_54
0x0536	Console_55
0x0537	Console_56
0x0538	Console_57
0x0539	Console_58
0x053a	Console_59
0x053b	Console_60
0x053c	Console_61
0x053d	Console_62
0x053e	Console_63
0x0600	Down
0x0601	Left
0x0602	Right
0x0603	Up
0x0700	Shift
0x0701	AltGr
0x0702	Control
0x0703	Alt
0x0704	ShiftL
0x0705	ShiftR
0x0706	CtrlL
0x0707	CtrlR
0x0708	CapsShift
0x0800	Meta_nul
0x0801	Meta_Control_a
0x0802	Meta_Control_b
0x0803	Meta_Control_c
0x0804	Meta_Control_d
0x0805	Meta_Control_e
0x0806	Meta_Control_f
0x0807	Meta_Control_g
0x0808	Meta_BackSpace
0x0809	Meta_Tab
0x080a	Meta_Linefeed
0x080b	Meta_Control_k
0x080c	Meta_Control_l
0x080d	Meta_Control_m
0x080e	Meta_Control_n
0x080f	Meta_Control_o
0x0810	Meta_Control_p
0x0811	Meta_Control_q
0x0812	Meta_Control_r
0x0813	Meta_Control_s
0x0814	Meta_Control_t
0x0815	Meta_Control_u
0x0816	Meta_Control_v
0x0817	Meta_Control_w
0x0818	Meta_Control_x
0x0819	Meta_Control_y
0x081a	Meta_Control_z
0x081b	Meta_Escape
0x081c	Meta_Control_backslash
0x081d	Meta_Control_bracketright
0x081e	Meta_Control_asciicircum
0x081f	Meta_Control_underscore
0x0820	Meta_space
0x0821	Meta_exclam
0x0822	Meta_quotedbl
0x0823	Meta_numbersign
0x0824	Meta_dollar
0x0825	Meta_percent
0x0826	Meta_ampersand
0x0827	Meta_apostrophe
0x0828	Meta_parenleft
0x0829	Meta_parenright
0x082a	Meta_asterisk
0x082b	Meta_plus
0x082c	Meta_comma
0x082d	Meta_minus
0x082e	Meta_period
0x082f	Meta_slash
0x0830	Meta_zero
0x0831	Meta_one
0x0832	Meta_two
0x0833	Meta_three
0x0834	Meta_four
0x0835	Meta_five
0x0836	Meta_six
0x0837	Meta_seven
0x0838	Meta_eight
0x0839	Meta_nine
0x083a	Meta_colon
0x083b	Meta_semicolon
0x083c	Meta_less
0x083d	Meta_equal
0x083e	Meta_greater
0x083f	Meta_question
0x0840	Meta_at
0x0841	Meta_A
0x0842	Meta_B
0x0843	Meta_C
0x0844	Meta_D
0x0845	Meta_E
0x0846	Meta_F
0x0847	Meta_G
0x0848	Meta_H
0x0849	Meta_I
0x084a	Meta_J
0x084b	Meta_K
0x084c	Meta_L
0x084d	Meta_M
0x084e	Meta_N
0x084f	Meta_O
0x0850	Meta_P
0x0851	Meta_Q
0x0852	Meta_R
0x0853	Meta_S
0x0854	Meta_T
0x0855	Meta_U
0x0856	Meta_V
0x0857	Meta_W
0x0858	Meta_X
0x0859	Meta_Y
0x085a	Meta_Z
0x085b	Meta_bracketleft
0x085c	Meta_backslash
0x085d	Meta_bracketright
0x085e	Meta_asciicircum
0x085f	Meta_underscore
0x0860	Meta_grave
0x0861	Meta_a
0x0862	Meta_b
0x0863	Meta_c
0x0864	Meta_d
0x0865	Meta_e
0x0866	Meta_f
0x0867	Meta_g
0x0868	Meta_h
0x0869	Meta_i
0x086a	Meta_j
0x086b	Meta_k
0x086c	Meta_l
0x086d	Meta_m
0x086e	Meta_n
0x086f	Meta_o
0x0870	Meta_p
0x0871	Meta_q
0x0872	Meta_r
0x0873	Meta_s
0x0874	Meta_t
0x0875	Meta_u
0x0876	Meta_v
0x0877	Meta_w
0x0878	Meta_x
0x0879	Meta_y
0x087a	Meta_z
0x087b	Meta_braceleft
0x087c	Meta_bar
0x087d	Meta_braceright
0x087e	Meta_asciitilde
0x087f	Meta_Delete
0x0900	Ascii_0
0x0901	Ascii_1
0x0902	Ascii_2
0x0903	Ascii_3
0x0904	Ascii_4
0x0905	Ascii_5
0x0906	Ascii_6
0x0907	Ascii_7
0x0908	Ascii_8
0x0909	Ascii_9
0x090a	Hex_0
0x090b	Hex_1
0x090c	Hex_2
0x090d	Hex_3
0x090e	Hex_4
0x090f	Hex_5
0x0910	Hex_6
0x0911	Hex_7
0x0912	Hex_8
0x0913	Hex_9
0x0914	Hex_A
0x0915	Hex_B
0x0916	Hex_C
0x0917	Hex_D
0x0918	Hex_E
0x0919	Hex_F
0x0a00	Shift_Lock
0x0a01	AltGr_Lock
0x0a02	Control_Lock
0x0a03	Alt_Lock
0x0a04	ShiftL_Lock
0x0a05	ShiftR_Lock
0x0a06	CtrlL_Lock
0x0a07	CtrlR_Lock
0x0a08	CapsShift_Lock
0x0c00	SShift
0x0c01	SAltGr
0x0c02	SControl
0x0c03	SAlt
0x0c04	SShiftL
0x0c05	SShiftR
0x0c06	SCtrlL
0x0c07	SCtrlR
0x0c08	SCapsShift
0x0e00	Brl_blank
0x0e01	Brl_dot1
0x0e02	Brl_dot2
0x0e03	Brl_dot3
0x0e04	Brl_dot4
0x0e05	Brl_dot5
0x0e06	Brl_dot6
0x0e07	Brl_dot7
0x0e08	Brl_dot8
0x0e09	Brl_dot9
0x0e0a	Brl_dot10

The following synonyms are recognized:

Control_h       for BackSpace
Control_i       for Tab
Control_j       for Linefeed
Home            for Find
End             for Select
PageUp          for Prior
PageDown        for Next
multiplication  for multiply
pound           for sterling
pilcrow         for paragraph
Oslash          for Ooblique
Shift_L         for ShiftL
Shift_R         for ShiftR
Control_L       for CtrlL
Control_R       for CtrlR
AltL            for Alt
AltR            for AltGr
Alt_L           for Alt
Alt_R           for AltGr
AltGr_L         for Alt
AltGr_R         for AltGr
AltLLock        for Alt_Lock
AltRLock        for AltGr_Lock
SCtrl           for SControl
Spawn_Console   for KeyboardSignal
Uncaps_Shift    for CapsShift
lambda          for lamda
Lambda          for Lamda
xi              for ksi
Xi              for Ksi
chi             for khi
Chi             for Khi
tilde           for asciitilde
circumflex      for asciicircum
dead_ogonek     for dead_cedilla
dead_caron      for dead_circumflex
dead_breve      for dead_tilde
dead_doubleacute for dead_tilde
Idotabove       for Iabovedot
dotlessi        for idotless
no-break_space  for nobreakspace
paragraph_sign  for section
soft_hyphen     for hyphen
bielorussian_cyrillic_capital_letter_i for ukrainian_cyrillic_capital_letter_i
cyrillic_capital_letter_kha for cyrillic_capital_letter_ha
cyrillic_capital_letter_ge for cyrillic_capital_letter_ghe
cyrillic_capital_letter_ia for cyrillic_capital_letter_ya
cyrillic_capital_letter_iu for cyrillic_capital_letter_yu
cyrillic_capital_letter_yeri for cyrillic_capital_letter_yeru
cyrillic_capital_letter_reversed_e for cyrillic_capital_letter_e
cyrillic_capital_letter_ii for cyrillic_capital_letter_i
cyrillic_capital_letter_short_ii for cyrillic_capital_letter_short_i
bielorussian_cyrillic_small_letter_i for ukrainian_cyrillic_small_letter_i
cyrillic_small_letter_kha for cyrillic_small_letter_ha
cyrillic_small_letter_ge for cyrillic_small_letter_ghe
cyrillic_small_letter_ia for cyrillic_small_letter_ya
cyrillic_small_letter_iu for cyrillic_small_letter_yu
cyrillic_small_letter_yeri for cyrillic_small_letter_yeru
cyrillic_small_letter_reversed_e for cyrillic_small_letter_e
cyrillic_small_letter_ii for cyrillic_small_letter_i
cyrillic_small_letter_short_ii for cyrillic_small_letter_short_i
ukrainian_cyrillic_small_letter_ghe_with_upturn for cyrillic_small_letter_ghe_with_upturn
ukrainian_cyrillic_capital_letter_ghe_with_upturn for cyrillic_capital_letter_ghe_with_upturn
rightanglequote for guillemotright

Recognized modifier names and their column numbers:
shift		  1
altgr		  2
control		  4
alt		  8
shiftl		 16
shiftr		 32
ctrll		 64
ctrlr		128
capsshift		256

Output of LANG=en_US.UTF-8 sudo showkey -a, whith LV-f variant layout active:

Press any keys - Ctrl-D will terminate this program

h 	104 0150 0x68
ā 	196 0304 0xc4
 	129 0201 0x81
h 	104 0150 0x68
ā 	196 0304 0xc4
 	129 0201 0x81
ā 	196 0304 0xc4
 	129 0201 0x81
^D 	  4 0004 0x04

The problem here is that ‘h’ acts as the modifier key if pressed in a quick succession. Although it’s not a modifier key in this layout. The last example is where I use the actual modifier key (‘f’).

Output of LANG=en_US.UTF-8 sudo showkey -a, whith En-US layout active :

Press any keys - Ctrl-D will terminate this program

a 	 97 0141 0x61
a 	 97 0141 0x61
a 	 97 0141 0x61
a 	 97 0141 0x61
a 	 97 0141 0x61
a 	 97 0141 0x61
a 	 97 0141 0x61
a 	 97 0141 0x61
a 	 97 0141 0x61
h 	104 0150 0x68
f 	102 0146 0x66
^D 	  4 0004 0x04

Each key was pressed for some time to illustrate the problem. ‘a’ works as expected. The keys that happen to be dead keys in other layouts (‘f’ and ‘h’) are registered just once, although I keep them pressed. This is actually the most annoying part.