Datetime + calendar panel applet in mate

Hi everyone
I tried Ubuntu Mate and I would like to use its datetime indicator, this indicator allows to manage Evolution events easily. In Ubuntu, they use the indicator-datetime but manjaro doesn't have this.

there are any alternative to manage events easily in mate panel?


probably is mate-ayatana-indicator-applet + ayatana-indicator-datetime from AUR ?

Thanks a lot for our answer. I'm trying to install mate-ayatana-indicator-applet but I'm getting errors "Waiting for other tasks to finish"

Edit: Error was caused by mate-indicators. Just uninstall it, ok.
mate-ayatana-indicator-applet installed. Now I'm getting error "libecal 1.2 not found". This pull request tries fix it but is't accepted. I tried download the pull request and make manually but I'm getting "Package 'url-dispatcher-1', required by 'virtual:world', not found" and "Package 'dbustest-1', required by 'virtual:world', not found"

Edit 2: I already installed ayatana-indicator-applet, with this shell commands:

mkdir build
cd build

So now, how to ayatana-indicators works? I already added indicator-applets to matte panel, but neither show any thing, others shows "No indicators".

any suggestion?

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