Dash to panel in Manjaro?



I would like to used the dash to panel for gnome, however I can’t find it in the repositories.


Because it isnt there. It is in the AUR. Please familiarize yourself with what the AUR is and how to use it.
The package is gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel .


You are better off installing it from the gnome extensions website.


Or maybe listen to @nadb … I’m not a gnome user … so maybe they know something I dont :wink:


Good way to pass the buck :wink:

Anyway go to https://extensions.gnome.org/ open an account and get what you want.

The extensions in the repos are maintained by the Manjaro team, but they are not going to maintain every extension you want. So the advised method is to use the website. You can also follow the links to the individual githubs and download the git versions if you want or need to soon after an upgrade in the general Gnome desktop (i.e. 3.28 to 3.30 to 3.32 etc.)


You don’t have to open an account there to download extensions. It’s all done via the browser plugin, e.g. chrome-gnome-shell, or natively with Epiphany.


…or indeed even simply using GNOME Software:


Got it, thank you.


That search functionality in Gnome Software has gotten much better. It used to be unusable for finding extensions. Thanks for pointing that out.


Forgot about about Epiphany errr… I mean “Web”.

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