Darktable 3.8 - just released

[Greetings. I’m not sure if I’ve posted this question to the proper category since darktable is included in the Official Repository (community)…]

I see that darktable 3.8 is now available for MacOS and Windows (and perhaps other Linux platforms?). When I pacman/pamac within Manjaro the latest I can find is the current 3.6 version.

Question: Appreciating that the Christmas holiday is upon us, I am curious as to what a typical timeline would be before the latest 3.8 release is readily available through the package management pipeline?

Holiday greetings! :evergreen_tree:

When is ready, as for all packages (except for the about 3 that are fast tracked), it will come with the usual flow of updates after that Arch packagers update it.

Otherwise you can try to build it yourself or use something like flatpaks

Darktable don’t publish packages into Linux distributions, distros packages does that

There isn’t a category for this, packages will come when they’re ready

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The darktable Arch community package was flagged out of date today.

See Manjaro - Fresh & Stable


Cool. Thanks for the update as to how this stuff works.

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