darktable 3.0.0 released

So hopefully it will arrive at our Pacman or Pamac soon! :smiley:

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It's already in Unstable. Check it out!

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Sorry I'm still new to manjaro. How do I do that?

Does "unstable" mean to-be-tested or something else? And for how long it remains there?

My recommendation would be to have a second Manjaro installation where you can mess around and test what comes. The first installation will stay on the Stable branch.

Do you know how to install a second Manjaro system in dual boot?

Oh. I could in Vbox I guess. That's the easiest route and works very fast on my machine.

But how long does package remain in the testing/unstable phase?

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It depends on whether there are blocking issues. Like some essential programs not working or some graphics cards failing to boot to graphical session. About 1-2 weeks is the regular pace of Stable updates. Just see the titles in this category https://forum.manjaro.org/c/announcements/stable-updates

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I'm running it under Arch (stable). One of the reasons why I now run Arch on my main laptop is because with Manjaro I sometimes had to wait two or three weeks in order to be able to use a new, stable version of Darktable. I now run Arch on main laptop and Manjaro KDE on my backup laptop. I know that I could compile Darktable from source, but I had bad experiences using the same database with stable and unstable versions of the program.

Oh yay! I use DarkTable so I am excited for the update.

Well I understand you, but arch is far too complicated for me. Manjaro is just right. But yeah, I wish we could get new stuff faster and it should be on us whether it's stable, working or not. Issue some disclaimer and you're good to go.
It's not a system, foundational app.

Just switch to the unstable repo then.

How Manjaro Repos work:

Arch unstable -> Arch testing -> Arch Stable -> Manjaro unstable -> Manjaro testing -> Manjaro Stable

For an overview how the different stages look like see here:

How to switch branches if you're eager to experiment and able to recover from possible breakage, have a look here:

I once proposed that Darktable and a possibly a few other piece of software be fast-tracked (as they do with browsers, for security reasons), but I was told that was not possible. If you are unlucky and a new version of Darktable is released at the same time of a major new release of GNOME or KDE, you may need to wait an entire month to run the latest version of Darktable. That's an entire month after Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows, Apple, Arch and Fedora users, for instance. If your new camera is only supported by the just released Darktable version, you will need to wait one month to process your photographs.

Or... just run Manjaro Unstable...?

Understandably, some people do not want to move their entire system to unstable just run the stable version of a single software (in this case, Darktable).

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Well to me that sounds like a pure bureaucracy. Sure, there are standards to follow. Security measures to take. But apps like Darktable and other utility/production programs that are entirely user-oriented and have 0 stability impacts should be moved to regular reps asap.

It makes no sense to see other flavours already there and Windows port on a click of a button, yet we're left waiting for someone to test and say 'you may pass'.
And no, don't want to move to unstable just because I need a few of quickly updated apps. Normally, it's not big deal, but this time, it's a major release that has a night and day difference. So yeah... waiting up to a month for trivial stuff like this to be approved is lame. :frowning:

Imagine Microsoft doing something similar to Win programs that users wish to install... People would call that attack on our rights, no freedom, etc.

TLDR - I totally, 100% approve all stability-related, driver, kernel software to be thoroughly tested for a stable edition. But production suites should be moved without any testing except - is it possible to install or not. It's up to the user and creators of the software to make it stable, bugfree and working.

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Darktable like other programs have dependencies, if you update one, you need to update all of those dependencies. Updating those dependencies means you need to update every package/programs that needs to use those new version of dependencies. And we don't know if those dependencies will have issues with certain configurations without testing. There is a domino effect.

If we "fast track" Darktable because some people wanted it, then we have to "fast track" every other program because people wanted it. Then we might as well not have "unstable" or "testing" repos anymore.

I may be wrong and I do not want to sound as someone who does not appreciate the hard and competent work of the Manjaro devs, but I feel an effort could be made to fast-track software that are used, say, by professional photographers and designers (e.g., Darktable, gimp, inkspace, Krita, etc.). There are many photographers and designers that use open source software. Of course, if someone has an additional justifiable demand, that could be also forwarded to the Manjaro devs who would then evaluate it.

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+1 I'm a pro photographer trying to fit my professional workflow in Linux.

But so far, it's more my wish than reality. That's why I'm so eager to try Darktable 3.0.

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First off, don't forget that the Manjaro devs are working on their own free times.

You are making it sound like as if it's a really easy thing to do. As I said above, if you update 1 program, you have to upgrade ALL of their dependencies too, which means you have to update ALL other programs that uses those dependencies as well.

I am not on my computer atm so I can't check dependencies, but just showing an example:

Upgrading Darktable to 3.0, mean you need to update dependency of "zzz 3.1" to "zzz 3.2". Current Lutris in repo uses "zzz 3.1", but since you're upgrading this dependency, you need to upgrade Lutris as well to the new version, among maybe 10 other programs. But then Darktable has other dependencies as well that needs to be upgraded, which means a ton of other programs needs to be updated to be compatible with those dependencies. And we don't know if those dependencies have issues or not without testing.

Also, if we are updating stuff for professional photographers & designers, then we need to fast track stuff for professional coders, professional movie devs, professional web devs, professional everything so that we don't single out the community.

BTW, I do not if you use the filmic module in Daktable, but Arélien has completed redesigned it in version 3.0. I suggest you take a look at his YouTube channel:

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