Cyberpunk on wayland

Hello guys, I use wayland as display server sway as my window manager.

When starting cyberpunk via Steam with proton and mesa-git etc.
the cyberpunk launcher is not functional. So the game cannot be started
(I tested the game on X-org-Gnome and it starts and works perfectly).

Does someone can confirm running cyberpunk on wayland or even sway?
I wonder if i have to tweak some setting or if the game is it just broken on wayland.


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I found the solution in a yt video today.

Adding this

PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60 %command% --launcher-skip

to the steam launcher options does the trick.

I think I was seeing the same issue. I would press the play button and the little game loading window would pop up but then wouldn’t get the launcher. Is that what you were seeing?

No. My problem was an non functional launcher:

  • Starting cyberpunk via steam worked. Steam loaded the launcher but I could not start the game over the launcher.
  • skipping the launcher with the command above starts the game on my machine
  • applying changes in the cyberpunk config (link here) improved the gameplay

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