Cybereason icon just appeared on status bar

It is part of a Cisco application suite you are using to access corporate resources.

You have built the package cisco-anyconnect from AUR.

grep -i /var/log/pacman.log -e 'cisco' -e 'citrix'

Citrix was installed from AUR:

$ grep -i /var/log/pacman.log -e 'cisco' -e 'citrix'
[2022-03-16T09:47:45+0100] [ALPM-SCRIPTLET] cp /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/config/{All_Regions,Trusted_Region,Unknown_Region,canonicalization,regions}.ini $HOME/.ICAClient/

Cisco was downloaded from Cisco’s webpage. However, I uninstalled it and Cybereason is still there! Are you sure Cybereason is bundled up with cisco? How can check? And, above all, how can I uninstall it!!! :weary:

I have no idea. I only deduct the connection from the information you have provided.

Dear all,

in the end, it seems Cybereason was being deployed through Citrix.
I guess that was why I could not find it anywhere in the system.

Thanks all for your help!


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