Customized Latte dock not working

I have a system with manjaro kde and latte dock pretty customized.
While installing some packages, suddenly the dock stopped working. I tried all usuall solutions, rebooted the system, cleared the latte dock cache with latte-dock --cc (which didnt work), and also tried latte-dock -d to debug.

This last command tries lots of things, and outputs loads of text to the terminal, but also gets stuck endlessly. Here are the last few lines when it gets suck forever:

[Debug : 1:38:43.865865] - "syncGeometry() calculations for screen:  \"eDP-1\"  _  QRect(0,0 1920x1080)"
[Debug : 1:38:43.865865] - "syncGeometry() calculations for edge:  Plasma::Types::RightEdge"
[Debug : 1:38:43.865865] - "syncGeometry() ended..."
[Warning : 1:38:44.567567] - "trying to show an empty dialog"
[Warning : 1:38:44.568568] - "trying to show an empty dialog"
[Debug : 1:38:44.675675] - "Loading visibility mode: Latte::Types::SidebarOnDemand  on startup..."
[Warning : 1:38:45.093093] - "trying to show an empty dialog"
[Warning : 1:38:45.095095] - "trying to show an empty dialog"

This last command at first got to a certain point and then stopped but now directly does nothing, just waits endlessly. Latte dock itself, is launched as usually, and it shows, but you cant interact at all. I also deleted the ~/.config/latte directory, and that worked fine, all was working ok, but with default latte setings. As soon as I got back to mi custom config file the rpblem came back.

I uploaded the config file to github because it is too big to put here

Here is the link: GitHub - lae-laps/latte-dock-config: latte dock config file for manjaro forum question

Thank you in advance

When you have a lot of customizations I would recommend you to think about using Timeshift as this would allow you to easily recover an older system status, next time.


thats not what i want

@laelaps Better report that upstream: Plasma / Latte Dock · GitLab

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