Customize GDM login screen?

Hi everydody,

I would like to know if it is possible to change the color of the buttons in the dialog box who appears when we want to restart or shutdown the system in the GDM login screen (Cancel, restart/shutdown buttons). The modifications must be made in gnome-shell.css or gdm3.css file of the theme, but I don’t know where I can make the changes in the file.

If you have an idea ?

Thank you.

The problem is that these resources aren’t available to be edited easily. You can use loginized to change theme settings of GDM. It’s available in AUR, but as the github page says, there might be issues on 3.38.

In my experience, changing the theme in GDM can also affect your user theme in some strange way. When I changed it, it seemed to also override certain theme settings on my desktop, weirdly enough.

I guess you could make your custom theme and use loginized to import it to gdm.

See: GDM - ArchWiki

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the changes must be made in the GTK or GDM theme. I found themes on And some themes include gdm part to customize gdm theme. A gdm3.css file is available as well as a gnome-shell.css file. That’s in those files that the changes must be made. But I don’t know well .css structure and its content.