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trying to set adapta kde theme over plasma session , but have some problem in customization of the theme.
for SDDM theme i have 2 different theme once for logins(like reboots) that buttons themed like adapta, and another for lockscreen(like suspend , etc) that buttons themed like breath.
im using breath SDDM theme and adapta for KDE , and there is no adapta theme for sddm , how can i edit these two and make them similar?



(I just cant not mention that this and similar have been asked like 3 times lately)

But SDDM and LockScreen are 2 different things. Lockscreen comes from your look-and-feel theme.

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i’m sorry , but reads a lot before create topic.

alright , these are very similar just buttons need to get edit , i mean in .conf etc files , does it possible ?



You did spur me to find another answer …

in ~/.config/kscreenlockerrc

You can change the [Greeter] line like so :


So that you dont have to select a new look-and-feel to just change lockscreen :wink:

… if you mean making your own look-and-feel and/or copying the lockscreen or similar?
The path to configs is:
whereas the icons themselves usually reside in

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