Custom shortcuts cannot record key bindings

I’m using kwin and plasma desktop on xfce edition. When I want to set a custom shortcuts, everything is OK except inputting key bindings. As GIF show you, no response when click the record button in trigger tab, and more, I catch the outputs show below when click:

Dec 04 14:25:02 aart-x1c7 systemsettings5[359014]: kf.guiaddons: Cannot record without a window
Dec 04 14:25:03 aart-x1c7 systemsettings5[359014]: kf.guiaddons: Cannot record without a window

Screen Capture_select-area_20201204090335

How to solve this?

I don’t think you do, unless you are referring to plasma-windowed while in xfce …
Maybe you use KWin as Window Manager instead of xfwm4 when running the xfce4-session, but the keyboard shortcuts are still set in Keyboard Settings > Application Shortcuts of the xfce4-settings.
Only if you run the plasma-session you can set shortcuts from the KDE Settings, because of the plasmashell.

Anyway, mixing DEs will always lead to inconsistencies.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m not sure, but I login by selecting plasma desktop environment at login screen, not xfce session.

If you installed KDE Plasma after a default XFCE desktop install, you might need to do more than that.
manjaro-kde-settings package does some magic in that regard, but you will have to remove the manjaro-xfce-settings
They can’t coexist on the same install. Also, once you do that you might want to test on a new user, because otherwise is still using some defaults from XFCE from your home directory.

I can’t find anything related to the error you get.

is part of kf5 group of packages and need to be same versions as plasma-framework, but it beats me, as i never seen this

message anywhere, ever …

OK, you give me some hint at least. I will try to remove some packages relate to xfce and see if it works.

It’s solved, but no reason and complex. I don’t know why.
I removed xfce-session, xfdesktop packages and more I remove group packages “plasma” all named with suffix “-git”(I thought these are newer than standard packages so installed first), replace them with all packages named without “-git”. After restarting system it works. It’s weird. What’s difference between git version and standard one?

Yes, KDE Plasma git version mixed with the other KDE Plasma packages is no go. Even the properly installed git version is not for a daily usage drive as it still has a full load of things to be fixed. Glad you sort it out, was not obvious from the previous information.

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