Custom shortcut settings not being saved (upon closing the settings)

So, i tried to alter some of my own Shortcuts.

Open the custom shortcut settings - alter one (or even create a new one) - close settings - and boom…the change / new shortcut is gone. So, it’s not only reverted by a reboot, just when opening the settings again.

I’m suspecting a rights problem, but no clue how to fix this. Altering regular shortcuts (i.e. KWin) or other general settings are saved with no problem. Only the custom shortcuts section is always reverted to current state.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

If by that you mean the old entry in System Settings, highlighted with red


Don’t use that one! Is deprecated. Create a custom shortcut inside Shortcuts, from the + sign, even tho it states +Add Application, it can be for any command.

For real? I will try that when i need new shortcuts. Thanks for the info!

To alter the ones from the custom section, it’s not helping though. Even if i completely wipe the customs, they are reverted after closing the settings.