Custom command for external player in FreeTube

yeah it worked
but still that --save-position-on-quite isnt working like the video is always starting from the start
does it worked for you?

btw it should be mpv;--save-position-on-quit in Custom External Player Arguments

FreeTube is running this command to play the video in mpv
mpv --save-position-on-quit --speed=1 ytdl://QBcUr7DlY3c

I tried this command on terminal and there also the --save-position-on-quit didn’t worked

So ig save position doesnt worked with ytdl urls :thinking:

Use Shift+q instead of -save-position-on-quit.

Shift+q is quiting the player
but video is playing from start only :confused:

Edit : I was having no-resume-playback line in mpv.conf which was preventing it to start from the position where i left

I removed that line and now its working fine :slight_smile:
Thanks @ishaanbhimwal for the help

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