Cursor disappear near top of screen - KDE, 4.20, AMDGPU

Started recently, but I cant be sure when. [Im on Unstable]

Every time cursor comes within a dozen pixels or so to the top of the screen the pointer goes missing.
If you have a top panel and are less than careful this almost presents as ‘when entering panel’.
It is always still functional, just not visible.
It may recover almost instantly, after movement, or stay shy for a small amount of time/area.
This has never been fatal, just more of an annoyance.

Possibly the same as here:

Given the other report this very well could be amdgpu related.

Edit - Yes, to be clear this only occurs on 4.20. Only checked 4.19, but it is unaffected.

For me, it started as soon as when 4.20 first build was released. 4.19 was and still is fine.

Also reported here, with an announced fix supposedly coming soon:

Then shouldn’t this be on #Unstable?

@cscs Simply switch to 4.19 kernel and check.

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Ok added the edit …

Apparently, already fixed on 4.20.5.

Ah, forgot to post that using Option "SWCursor" "True" in amdgpu.conf also fixed it for me earlier. oops.
[that is unless that was a coincidence]

It was mentioned as a workaround on the comments of the bug report, so I don’t think it was coincidence. You can remove it safely now if you want anyway :relaxed:

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