Current state of Manjaro OOTB Support for AMD Zen3 and RDNA2 Hardware

Hello good people,

I checked across the forum briefly and found several entries here and there covering the topic but Not one comprehensive Guide/Answer to the (at least what I think) interesting and more &more popular questions whether Manjaro as of today (20.2.x) is supporting the latest Generation of AMD Hardware.
Or the artivles where at least from 12-2020, which May be “old” in a manjaro Rilling Release world :slight_smile:

Zen3 CPUs and RDNA2 GPUs.

Not talking about other prerequisites like BIOS Updates etc, but purely the questions:
Can I jam in my new R5 Zen3 (e.g. R5 5600x) and RX6000 GPU (e.g.RX6800), install manjaro and enjoy myself a brand new system?
Or are there any Guides/Tutorials/ whatever where (especially) new-joiners are being picked Up and Guides thriu the necessary Setup step to Bring their system to Life.

Mandy thanks for any Feedback.