Current Live USB not working with old Intel Nuc - typo in dd command

I copy the iso to usb using the command

sudo dd bs=4M if=./manjaro-xfce-21.2.1-minimal-220103-linux515.iso of=/dev/sda1 status=progress oflag=sync

and previously

sudo dd bs=4M if=./manjaro-xfce-21.2.1-220103-linux515.iso of=/dev/sda1 status=progress oflag=sync

The current manjaro xfce iso’s when booting in UEFI both resulted in an

Error: Unknown file system

and a grub rescue prompt which

gave (hd0) (hd1)

Legacy mode gave a screen with just GRUB in top left

I then dd ed an old 2018 manjaro iso onto one of the USBs (that failed with the latest image), and was able to boot up the nuc in both UEFI and Legacy mode with the old live USB.

I now have a separate challenge updating a 2018 version to today :slight_smile:

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The solution was to use SUSE Studio Imagewriter 1.10 to write out the ISO to USB.

I think I now see the problem with my dd command. I put in

rather than

So I dd’ed into the first partition rather than the start of the usb device.

Just tested and confirmed.

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