CUPS jobs are "lagging"

I have a Samsung SCX-4220 printer, and it has been working well until some time ago. I cannot say for certain when the troubles started since I had nothing to print for several months. But recently, when I print anything, there is a lag between when I send something to the printer and when it starts printing. If it’s one page, the lag is just several seconds but still noticeable. If it is about 20 pages, the lag can reach several minutes. With greater number of pages I didn’t have the patience to wait, just cancelled the job.

It is observed regardless of whether I print from some app with a GUI or use lp command.

During this period (when the job is sent, but the printer hasn’t started printing), if I look at the CUPS web-interface → Jobs, the job is marked as “Sending data to printer.” If I issue lpq, the output is

Samsung_SCX-4200_Series is ready and printing
Rank    Owner   Job     File(s)                         Total Size
active  $user   39      $filename 46681088 bytes

(I changed my user name and file name in that output)

Here is what I get if I use the following commands:

# lp -i 39 -H immediate 
lp: Job is completed and cannot be changed.
# lp -i 39 -H restart
lp: Job #39 is not complete.
# lp -i 39 -H immediate 
lp: Job is completed and cannot be changed.

Restarting the cups service doesn’t help, and the problem persists between reboots. How can I troubleshoot it?


Just found out that such a hanging job consumes 100% of 1 CPU core.

That sounds like a network issue…

Have you tried rebooting the router yet?

If yes, please provide more info how the printer is connected, please?*


lpstat -v
 lpstat -l -p szPrinterName

(Where, obviously, szPrinterName is the name of your printer…)


My printer is connected locally, via usb.

# lpstat -v 
device for Samsung_SCX-4200_Series: usb://Samsung/SCX-4200%20Series?serial=9C66BFAZ803869B.&interface=1
# lpstat -l -p Samsung_SCX-4200_Series
printer Samsung_SCX-4200_Series is idle.  enabled since 2021-03-05T13:42:36 MSK
	Form mounted:
	Content types: any
	Printer types: unknown
	Description: Samsung SCX-4200 Series
	Alerts: none
	Location: Local Printer
	Connection: direct
	Interface: /etc/cups/ppd/Samsung_SCX-4200_Series.ppd
	On fault: no alert
	After fault: continue
	Users allowed:
	Forms allowed:
	Banner required
	Charset sets:
	Default pitch:
	Default page size:
	Default port settings:

Yup, can see that here now:

There doesn’t seem to be a recently updated PPD file, so I have no further bright ideas, sorry!


Well, thanks for trying! :slight_smile: I suppose, now it will be a long time until I need to print something again anyway; maybe until then something will come to my mind.

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