Cube Effect does not work with "skybox"= background picture (KDE Plasma 6)

Just wanted to know if the Cube Effect (KDE Plasma 6) works with the “skybox” option - which is, I think, supposed to add a background picture.

When I check that option, the effect does not work and I get the pop-up note: Destkop Effects were restarted. It works fine with any background color.

I’m using X11, nvidia-390 and either 3 or 4 virtual desktops.

I tried with a path to a local image (didn’t try with an url), and it works. I’m also using X11, but with nvidia 550.78

Source of the background image


Ok, I guess it must have been my small VRAM. Selecting a picture under 500kb did the trick.

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GIMP is your friend there! I use it to “compress” pictures for posting on Forums. Just export and reduce the quality a bit … makes a big difference. :wink:

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