CTRL+V not pasting anymore

All of a sudden CTRL+V isn't working anymore.

CTRL+C, SHIFT+CTRL+V and Shift+Insert all work though.
From what I can see it is set up correctly.
I can assign a new key-combo but that does not work either. Pasting via mouse works.

Any ideas?

Check localectl status in the terminal. See if it looks okay.

Then set keyboard layout via Manjaro Settings Manager (or manjaro section of system settings). For a regular keyboard it would be generic 104 or 105 key. Then relog and recheck localectl status again to see any changes.

The locale is fine, I don't think that is the issue.

Have you tried reassigning ctrl+v to a completely different function (say launch vlc) apply-ok changes and see if it works. After that swap it back to paste and see if it got resolved?

Seems I cannot assign ctrl+v to anything.
Settings get saved but the combo does nothing.

Do your saved settings persist through reboot? Is it possible that ctrl+v is already assigned to something and is now conflicting your attempts to change it.

You can try restarting, changing and then reset to defaults and trying again. Might help, might not.

I restarted quite a few times, doesn't help :confused:

may you post the output of
'setxkbmap -print -query'

xkb_keymap {
xkb_keycodes { include "evdev+aliases(qwerty)" };
xkb_types { include "complete" };
xkb_compat { include "complete" };
xkb_symbols { include "pc+us+de:2+si:3+inet(evdev)+group(win_space_toggle)" };
xkb_geometry { include "pc(pc101)" };
rules: evdev
model: pc101
layout: us,de,si
options: grp:win_space_toggle

your keyboard-layout is assigned to 3 different country-settings.

options: grp:win_space_toggle ?

seems there is some trouble with the keyboard settings and therefor with the shortkeys.

Yes I know, I have that since months and toggle between them.
Was no issue so far.

Not an expert, you have to dig in for yourselve, but 'grp:win_space_toggle' tells me by short googeling that this setting affects the ctrl-key. seems that the input-keys are not interpreted in the right manner. but for this you have to ask other ones. what's curious is that you use a us-qwerty setting but a german layout. i'm not sure but for me this sounds strange and why a third language setting to the same keyboard ?

I will investigate, but as I said, this worked so far without any issues.

what's curious is that you use a us-qwerty setting but a German layout

Where do I see that qwerty-setting?
I do toggle between three languages as I need all of them, hence 3 layouts.

this was the output of
'setxkbmap -print -query'

Perhaps try a redo or reset of any advanced options in the kde keyboard settings. And set your keyboard model via manjaro keyboard.

I went into Manjaro settings > Keyboard and set my keyboard model to the thinkpad I have (before it was default).
Then re-did paste to ctrl-v, despite that being the default, and now it works again.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

Seems it is reverting back to the generic keyboard by itself, so not working anymore, again.

I remember having same issue - I just removed EN layout and everything was fine after, but you seem to need EN layout as well as DE.

A bit far fetched, but worth a try (if you haven't already) - try changing it through Keyboard hardware and layout, not through system settings directly:

and see if it works/saves settings

The issue is when I introduce the third language 'SI', after that it stops working and the layout switcher combo 'win+space' stops as well.

When I have 'EN' selected and 'SI' enabled, not even selected, it stops working. As soon as I remove 'SI' it works again.

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