Cross Plasma / Gnome interface features

I switched over to Plasma from Gnome not too long ago, and I find it much nicer than Gnome. However, I found that Gnome’s desktop icon addition for mounted devices was nice. However I am only able to get something similar to this in Plasma by adding a widget, which I find to be a bit distracting and tends to look invasive on the desktop. Or by making a desktop Icon that links to such a specific device, the issue with this is that when the device isn’t mounted it doesn’t automatically link to it and I need to change the settings. I was wondering if there was some way to get the functionality of the Gnome desktop I mentioned, including the icon used, for Plasma.
ie. Anytime a device is mounted an icon on the desktop is made and attached to that device, when unmounted it is removed.

they both use plugins to display desktop icons.
so very much doubt you’ll get a simple answer.

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Widgets are indeed the KDE Plasma way. I don’t think you have options to escape that design, unless you want and can modify the source code and rebuild the desktop yourself.

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Thank you, what is the language is most of it written in? Or might it be possible to make a script for it with Python or some other language?

Have a look yourself: Plasma / Plasma Desktop · GitLab

You should be able to script it, udev has events for disk (un)mounting. I don’t remember the name, though, feel free to search in the docs.