Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegro

Pozdrav svima,
mislim da bi dobro bilo da postoji ovakav deo za nas.
Ukoliko slabo stojite sa engleskim jezikom, možete pisati ovde.
Da li smatrate da je ova tema korisna?

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Odlično znam Engleski, međutim, smatram da bi bilo dobro, zbog dosta naših sunarodnika, da ipak postoji deo foruma i na Srpskom jeziku.

Одлично знам Енглески, међутим, сматрам да би било добро, због доста наших сународника, да ипак постоји део форума и на Српском језику.

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Responding in :uk: as I don't speak any :croatia: :serbia: :bosnia_herzegovina: :montenegro:.

Creating a new language forum is easy, but the issue is that the current moderator batch (Note: I'm not a moderator, just an advanced user here) does not speak any of those languages and we'd need to find a few existing high-rep users that speak these languages fluently and are willing to volunteer as a moderator for these languages...

Without a language moderator, these sections would attract trolls, spammers, ... in no time and instead of being the friendly community that we currently are, you'd have a hostile spam-infected sub-forum, so:

  • Stay around
  • Contribute to the language forums that do exist
  • Be friendly, knowledgeable and civil and most importantly: be moderator material.
  • Once you become a high-rep user, contact the mods directly again...


P.S. My native language is also a minority language that is only spoken by 5.5M people world-wide, so I feel your pain...


Of course, it has sense. But this topic would be quite enough for someone looking for help?

We've had this question before for other languages like Arabic and the moderators decided against an unmoderated forum...

The Manjaro community is very small and though we have people speaking many languages, we don't have a top :star: speaking :croatia: :serbia: :bosnia_herzegovina: :montenegro: yet...

So if you speak all those and :uk: You're going to be the one! (in the future, conditions apply)

:wink: :grin:

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There are TL3 members speaking the languages, that should be good enough to moderate the forum. You don't have to be able to answer every question, just take care that forum rules are followed and keep things clean.


Ja sam za. Ne znam koliko nas ima, no zašto ne?


I have no experience of how a forum needs to be moderated to keep it safe and sound. So I am prepared to be shot down in flames and be utterly wrong.

But my feeling is that there must be some way to reach out to other language users who are not proficient in English or the other commonly posted languages so that users can solve problems and seek advice.

I feel @Phrosgone has a point.

The differences between :croatia:, :serbia:, :bosnia_herzegovina:, and :montenegro: languages are about the same as the differences between :us: and :uk:. Objectively speaking, these are all dialects of the Serbo-Croatian language, but for nationalistic reasons we like to point out how our own specific variant is unique and special. :slight_smile:

The biggest difference in languages is that in Serbia, both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets are used, while in Croatia, only the Latin alphabet is widely known.

We all understand each other. Mutual intelligibility is about 95%. In fact, as a Croatian, I have an easier time understanding someone speaking proper Serbian (like on TV) than someone speaking an obscure regional dialect of Croatian.

Hell, we even understand :slovenia: :smiley:



Hey @kresimir , talk to the mods! Volunteer!

cc @Phrosgone @seacrow

I was just stating the obvious:

  1. Creating another language forum is easy.
  2. Moderating it is hard.
  3. There is 24h before the question being asked and me responding:
    I hunt for unanswered questions > 24h.
    If I would not have responded, this question would have been lost to time...



It wasn't a criticism...

I can't and don't speak as a knowledgeable expert.

I would be happy to create a new category, but I would prefer if you simply add a tag to a topic in one of the mentioned languages.
The existing categories have either a historic explanation, means they were present on the old Manjaro forum, or the have been created because there have been a great demand.
As I already wrote in the Ukrainian topic for example, the admins can create a new category if there are enough postings.
So far I added tag for languages I was able to recognise and reopended some topics in #other-languages. I also doubled the automatic closing time for topics from 30 days to 60 days.


Pozdrav svima,

ukoliko ste zainteresovani da uradite prevod za manjaro-pamac, možete se uključiti ovde Manjaro-Pamac on Transifex


Pozdrav svima s Balkana :slight_smile: Lijepo je vidjeti da još netko koristi Manjaro na ovom podrucju xD


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