Critique from a users perspective

Egee is one of my favourite YT distro testers, because he doesn't approach it from a technical, but more from an usability standpoint. He uses a rather standardized approach to 'judge' a distro and it seems quite balanced to me as a techy.

What do you think of his reviews of Manjaro XFCE

and Manjaro KDE

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Everyone can have opinion. I just do not understand why people are complaining about "more work to keep Manjaro running "while they choose rolling distro. Since September I have had few issues but these were very well documented and discussed here, you choose truck do not expect limousine.


Pretty :poop: review, IMO.

One more point, where else you can have solved problem straight from developers? I think I had three problems when I complained here Manjaro team responded very quickly and apologize (what they do not have to!) Try to report something on Arch they will tell you "you did not update properly"

What is so :poop: about it?

Doesn't he also name many positive aspects of Manjaro?

"was terrible with Manjaro returning 23 fps compared to Ubuntu's 26" - Uhh.....that is a 3fps difference

In general, I find reviewers focus on the things don't matter much instead of focusing on the things that actually matter.

I mean, who decides which distro they should run on the basis of the default color scheme?

Lastly, unless a distro is terrible, you can't rate it on the limited amount of time these guys typically spend with it. What separates a great distro from a poor one is, in part, how it stands up over time.


I do not care he can not even install Arch he is not a true linux geek to make video reviews! :sunglasses:

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He missed Manjaro Gnome. It can be made look almost like Ubuntu with a single mouse click. I think this would be exactly the depth of analysis for his review.

Isn't it the big point of Manjaro to bring the Arch 'simpleness' to the beginner?

Shouldn't we be more aware of issues that normies have with the day to day use of their installation?

What credibility has "review" by someone who just installed the system?
The power of arch based systems is pacman, there are really just few distros based on each package manager. I do not count spins of spins of spins.

He is using a very limited hardware to compare distros and showcase performance differences.

What does matter for the average user?

Unfortunately most normies. I can try to find the reference but it was about the background being the most important part.

My point being, as Manjaro wants to appeal to beginners should the 'eye candy' and usability not be near the top of the list?

I completely agree with you! I recently installed Gnome on an old machine on which KDE was failing to run.

Arch simpleness is more a thing for the advanced user and Manjaro maintainers. For the beginner there is the User Guide and a good graphical installer.

That's why I wrote he should have reviewed Manjaro Gnome.

Unless the distro is obviously broken, you have to spend at least a month using it daily before you can make a meaningful review. The first impression is often misleading.

Nobody serious cares about the number of wallpapers that come with the install.

Also, Manjaro becomes unstable with time? That's the first time I hear about that.


What might be meaningful for you can be meaningless for someone else.

In the sense that the user learns how to use it.

You are missing the point. Describing a 3fps difference as "terrible" is silly. Anyone who actually reviews performance would call that about the same. There is always a margin of error in any test.

I am not sure how this a valid response to what I wrote....

The things that really matter have nothing to do with being an "average user". The point is this isn't a review at all. It is simply a description of the superficial aspects of Manjaro.

If someone really wants to help "average users"(whatever that means), the best thing to do would be to educate them on the importance of the things they can't see themselves by firing up the live ISO.

  • How does the distro hold up over time
  • How comprehensive is the library of available packages
  • How easy is it to get drivers up and running on real hardware
  • Why should you choose(or not choose) Manjaro
  • Lots of other topics

I would think all of those would be relevant to any user regardless of skill or experience level.

When did "normies" become a word that means people unfamiliar with Linux?


I didn't think of the right word. What I meant was that Manjaro brings many improvements over other distros through its Arch heritage, especially pacman, the AUR and the rolling nature of Manjaro. But especially for its friendliness to noobs/normies.

Personally I'm not a big fan of Gnome as it is too 'in my face', but that is simply a question of taste. You should ask Egee to do so. He seems to be open to suggestions and even lets his protocols be inspired by user input via Github.


So, if I wouldn't had had that ..... elitist attitude, I would have had installed ubuntu when switched from windoze to linux ?
Don't take my comment (and those reviews) too serious, but is my grammar correct ?

Stay cool, stay healthy

One of the things I’ve discovered about Linux YouTubers is that half of them are still newbies themselves and really shouldn’t be reviewing and criticizing distros until they truly understand how the distros work. I understand they want to help but they really need to grasp the concept of how Linux works and realize that features don’t come over night, and that in Linux “one size does not fit all” so to speak.

I think it was either Aragorn or Linux-Arrhus who commented on GNU/Linux having different principles than most commercial operating systems.

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