Creating a Wiki/FAQ

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I agree with you, good idea, don’t forget to add a wiki post to edit the user feedback and add some specific trick with the wiki…

The possibility to edit a post to add some user comments, an example…

I don’t think that is what is requested here.
I think the OP as talking about the page, which was lacking a Manjaro ARM section, until recently, thanks to @cscs.


Thanks for your answer,

on my side, I think that the idea is to create a specific Manjaro ARM wiki section…
not bad, OK already present on the top page with some wiki…

It’s already present at Manjaro-ARM - Manjaro

Thanks, I discover it today :-)

Is it possible to add a section for setting up TV/monitors with different aspect ratios or custom resolutions that do not appear in the display manager?
Also ways to configure audio. Run through HDMI or setting it up to output from analogue.

Do we have a number of tested examples?

An Artikel in Manjaro-ARM-Wiki about

Manjaro ARM Flasher

would be nice.


Howto switch branches


The Flasher tool is a simple GUI tool. Should be pretty self explanitory. :slight_smile:

And switching branches is same approach as x64.

Some people like to read before they install an application.
And a lot of people do not even know which App they need.
In my opinion a wiki has to give this information.

Sure. Good point.
I assume there’s a wiki entry for using Etcher as well?

A post was split to a new topic: Test Manjaro on ODROID

All this was possible with raspi-config. Can we get documentation done for manjaro on Arm?

why are you repeating the same question?
especially after I asked you on in response

Sorry I thought it has gone unnoticed. I’m inquiring about it because I myself do not know the answer. Would be nice to have some documentation/something to reference to in setting up arm boxes.

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Which arm boxes?
There is one which is for Amlogic boxes which will soon be transferred to wiki.

I started a new thread on audio outputs for pi4. Would be nice to see this on the wiki.
Thank you. So far all the info on there is very helpful.

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Having been on the forums for a while now, it appears as though the topic of running Widevine on aarch64 comes up… a lot. It might pay to add a section on this, and the current workaround via the chromium-docker package, to the Manjaro ARM Wiki. I would do it, but I don’t have permissions.

Also, shouldn’t we have a link to the Manjaro ARM Wiki somewhere on the ARM Forum page; in one of the rectangle things at the top?