Creating a new Communty Edition around Moksha?

As I was mentioning to @eugen-b to avoid closing another then for not staying on topic. I am consider installing Moksha from Bodhi Linux which I was using during early in the last decade. Which was simply E17 setted up with rather sane defaults at the time.

Is there AUR support in Architect? I honestly don't recall as it has been around since I last messed with it on my laptop.

Yes I am aware I will have to learn Manjaro in much more detail, not to mention how to properly use pacman. And of course actually very likely hand editing configuration file as well.

Not only will I ask very many questions both here and on the Bodhi Forum, but heavily reading much if not most of each distros wikis.

Either I will start tonight or tomorrow afternoon after I get from my classes on coping with mental illnesses.



You will need to make your own repo that contains versions of the packages you need.

It honestly isn't that hard to do.


Thanks. Of course everyone just knows we need Yet Another Community Edition or YACE. :rofl:

I don't know if this is relevant


I highly prefer and actually will use Distros that have their own Website, Forum, and Wiki. Although I will from time to time check out new and upcoming Distros that seem promising.

Moksha pkgbuilds in the AUR need some love; since at the moment they are not in optimal state

But they can get built with some adjustments, have you tried?

If I recall correctly NuLogicOS is @AJSlye's project or at least he's involved in it? I wouldn't dismiss it offhand since they are also a manjaro package maintainer and regular contributor of knowledge on here.


I guess it is possible,

time ago I tried to build moksha-modules-extra-git with buildpkg but got into 'dependency hell' since I have no familiarity at all with Enlightenment and Moksha components and internals

It's possible, but moksha relies heavenly on some outdated EFL API's, Albiet EFL is one of the most backward compatible toolkit's around. Yet Moksha still relies on the external e_dbus wrapper instead of the internal eldbus implementation, etc. The source code for moksha also contains some Bodhi specific code that was never included in E17+.


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Yes there is. On kernel selection, choose base-devel. Then, after installation, choose chroot. Then install any aur packages like you normally would. Yay and pamac are probably the easiest tools here.

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Any progress?

Sadly I have to say no, as I been somewhat sick last week with a nasty cold. Damn I sure hate wintertime... :face_vomiting:

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