Creating a Carpalx phonetic Arabic keyboard layout

I opened an issue here before:

It was said to open an upstream issue but as I need a solution now, my questions:

  1. Is there a simple/GUI way to add my own keyboard layout?
  2. If I need to manually map the keys in the file (which I don’t mind), what is the correct method to add this keyboard layout to the settings so that it appears as “Arabic(CarpalX)” in the settings? (there seems to be too many instructions that vary about which files to modify, so I’d like the clearest answer related to Manjaro/KDE)

Answers that didn’t help:

I looked at xmodmap - ArchWiki but this would map the keys in all languages right? If I could xmodmap for Arabic only that would save me a lot of effort.

PS. My current solution of hot-swapping the ara file stops working after major updates.