Created new mirror - need help testing

Hi all,

As some may know Australia had it’s last mirror shut down recently. meaning our closest was over in NZ.
Well to help resolve that I have set up my own mirror but need a bit of help testing before I get added to the official list.

You can add it as a custom mirror in /var/lib/pacman-mirrors/custom-mirror.json
should look something like this,

        "branches": [
        "continent": "Oceania",
        "country": "Australia",
        "last_sync": "07:13",
        "protocols": [
        "resp_time": 0,
        "url": ""

This is for testing purposes only, the details should auto-update once I get added to the official list.
Would appreciate any feedback.

Setup is pretty cheap, $40aud/month

I am using a Linode server in Sydney, with Cloudflare in front of it. So will be looking for info on speed and stuff as I will need to tweak cloudflare settings to ensure we are caching ok.


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Are you looking for :australia: testers only or do you want to be hammered from :eu: as well?



I’m sure OP would just be happy to at least know the state of connectivity for other users @Fabby
(meaning … sure why not non-aus testers? … though they will best find whether speed is increased)


looking for any testers, so feel free!

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Would also love positive feedback if every thing is working :slight_smile:
Seems cloud flare is been pretty good as i have yet to see much traffic on the host.

I was also reading This Cloudflare and kali linux blog. So looking to get some tags setup on my mirror to do cache control from the origin. If any one in the know, has ideas about what should be limited?

Woops apparently I can’t link yet.

it wont be listed there yet as i haven’t requested it be added to the official list.
Once I have some solid testing to make sure every thing is working i will get it added there :slight_smile:

first batch of stable updates just landed. keen to see how the caching go’s

Tested and approved: speed was not that much different from :eu:, so that’s really impressive!.

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Any one around that is super familiar with the folder structure in the Mirrors that can help with setting up caching tags?
So the Kali project found they got really good caching when using server side cache tags to manage the different folders,

location /kali/dists/ {
    add_header Cache-Tag metadata,dists;
location /kali/project/trace/ {
    add_header Cache-Tag metadata,trace;
    expires 1h;
location /kali/pool/ {
    add_header Cache-Tag pool;
    location ~ \.(deb|udeb|dsc|changes|xz|gz|bz2)$ {
        expires max;

Would any one know what folders etc I should be looking at that I want to cache for less time then others?

My suggested solution after some research is below.

    # Cache header rules
    location ~* state$ {
        expires 1h;
        add_header Cache-Control "public, max-age=3600, must-revalidate, no-transform";
        add_header Cache-Tag metadata;

    location ~* \.(db|gz)$ {
        expires 1h;
        add_header Cache-Control "public, max-age=3600, must-revalidate";
        add_header Cache-Tag metadata;

    location ~* \.(tar|zst|xz|sig)$ {
        expires max;
        add_header Cache-Control "public, max-age=604800, immutable";
        add_header Cache-Tag pool;

@Yochanan or @cscs could either of you give me a heads up on next steps to getting added to the official list?
I also still need to get my IP whitelisted so i can sync from the manjaro repo directly. The guide i found on the wiki said to email phil but his email address had been removed.

raised an issue in gitlab, hopefully we are good to go as soon as some one see’s it.


and we are live! thanks for helping with the testing every one.

I am pretty sure I also have the unstable branch hosted but I will look into it.


Hah. Musta missed your last posts … thanks for taking ‘the next step’ on your own :wink:


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