Create user without password

I need create user with no password, but in gnome not permitted
Exists another solution?

This user destinet to my family, therefore not required root. Only acess system.

Welcome to the forum!

You cannot create a user without a password, but you can set a very short one, or in some cases, even a blank password ─ I don’t know whether the default configuration supports this, but you could give it a try.

However, every user account must have a password ─ even if it’s blank ─ in order to be able to log in.

But you can autologin. Isn’t that enough for this purpose?

I think not.
I use 95% on my user(root), but 5% my family does. I wanted my family to start the computer and click on the user, without the need to enter a password…

Ok, so you can configure PAM paswordless policy for this user:

Alternatively, depending on what you expect/allow your family to do on the computer, you may be interested in activating the Guest user.