Create a USB installer on Mac OS X and install Manjaro on Dell Precision 5520


I want to create a bootable USB installer on Mac OS X and use the USB to install it on my new Dell Precision 5520. I am using Mac OS X because it’s the only computer I have beside the formatted Dell.

I followed the instructions on: to create the USB, but when I run it on the Dell I get the following error:

ERROR Failed to mount /dev/loop

Any help appreciated. Thanks

on any macos x you have DD command

Thank you very much. Writing with dd the ISO to the disk instead of the partition made it :slight_smile:

In short:

diskutil list
diskutil partitionDisk /dev/disk1 1 "Free Space" "unused" "100%"
sudo dd bs=1m of=/dev/rdisk1 if=manjaro-kde-17.0-stable-x86_64.iso

Where disk1 is your usb stick of course.

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Download and install unetbootlin, even easier

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