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Hi, can I create a guest Profile in manjaro which does have anything from my main profile?
It is for screencast basically I want to create a screencast on how to setup PHP MYSQL Apache etc on your system but I have everything installed already and I don’t want to mess up my own setup to reinstalling

so is there a way I can setup a guest profile for a screencast and then after that I can delete the guest profile and all of its data

Thanks in Advance

If it is only terminal stuff, then you chroot (basically install manjaro form scratch with basestrap and switch to that root) .It is also possible to use overlayfs, that way it will only write changes and don’t touch the root dir. That makes it easy to revert it anytime.

However… the normal approach is a VM.

@megavolt i am new to manjaro so can you tell me how to do the terminal only method

@sohail ok… well… I wont write a tutorial, but here are the basic steps:

mkdir -pv ${PWD}/newroot
basestrap ${PWD}/newroot base base-devel linux515 <more packages>
sudo chroot  ${PWD}/newroot /bin/bash

and there you are. A really minimal Manjaro.

Basically it is this: [root tip] [How To] Do a manual Manjaro installation

If you need an overlay:

mkdir -pv ${PWD}/{upper,work,access}
fuse-overlaysfs \
-o lowerdir=${PWD}/newroot \
-o upperdir=${PWD}/upper \
-o workdir=${PWD}/work \
sudo chroot  ${PWD}/access /bin/bash

Any change will be written to upper and in access: upper and newroot are merged.

I guess you know how to read manuals, wiki articles and documentations.

Needed packages: fuse-overlayfs manjaro-tools-base-git

@megavolt i create a guest user before asking this question with a this command
sudo pacman build systemd-guest-user
now I did delete the user but when i reboot my system i recreate the user how can i delete that user Permanently

It is pamac and not pacman. pacman cannot handle the AUR.

You need to remove that package, since it recreates an empty guest user on every reboot.

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@megavolt Thanx

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