crazy idea, can I install manjaro arm on a TV box?


ok so now you guys have arm working on the rock64 which uses a Rockchip RK3328, could I buy a TV box like this one ps://
and 'mod it' to run manjaro? Look that thing even has USB3 woohoo :rofl:
Edit: I think what I really want is the something with the RK3399 chipset but I'll graduate to that one :crazy_face:

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Article title and the product descriptions differ on the chipset used.
If it's the rk3328, then it's possible that it might just boot fine.
But it's also possible that it won't because it's a seperate device, which might not have a device tree in the kernel/uboot.

Specs in general look very similar to the Rock64.


ah yes well spotted sir! god bless the chinese :laughing:
have you got anything with RK3399 working?


We are testing stuff on the RockPro64 (which is rk3399 based) at the moment.