Crashing Pi3b+ NAS running Manjaro ARM Minimal

Hello community :slight_smile:

I’d appreciate some help de-bugging simple project that’s giving me grief.

Problem: Headless Pi3b+ NAS running Manjaro ARM minimal (fully updated) crashes when I transfer multiple video files from desktop → NAS. Crash occurs between 10 and 15 minutes into transfers. Before this, remote SSH terminal becomes increasingly slow to respond. Behaviour is replicated across multiple file transfer protocols (Samba, SSHFS, NFS), but happens faster with Samba.

“Journalctl ¦ grep failure” post-crash shows this:

kernel: kworker/u8:3: page allocation failure: order:0, mode:0x40800(GFP_NOWAIT|__GFP_COMP), nodemask=(null),cpuset=/,mems_allowed=0

Context: NAS is a headless Pi3B+ and 3.5” 3TB SATA HDD (connected via a usb-SATA adapter with only the data lines connected – HDD power comes from a dedicated PSU). NAS is powered by a 100w PSU with separate 12v and 5v rails and sufficient current to power both Pi, HDD and fan cooler at peak load. NAS connects to router via 5ghz wifi and is situated close to the router (behaviour also happens on 2ghz and wired ethernet). OS is Manjaro ARM Minimal, fully updated, SD-card boot. Software firewall is disabled.

Assessment: I have ruled out power, router, HDD and thermal throttling as factors. I believe this may instead be a memory management issue. Here, alas, my competence ends.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

Many thanks

According to this, you are running out of memory.

“… while an order:0 failures mean that your machine is totally out of memory with not even a single page free.”

What kernel version are you running. There was a similar issue here that was resolved:

If it was me I would try the latest linux-rpi4, linux-rpi4-mainline and linux-rpi4-rc kernels one by one to see if there is any change.

If not then open an issue here and say you are using the latest 5.10.73 kernel and also tried 5.14.12 and 5.15-rc-5 with the pi3b+ 64bit OS and say what you said in your original OP up above.

If you open an issue then I will join the issue and compile any test kernel for you if they request you to test. I can not open the issue as I do not have your set up to answer questions. Let me know here if you open an issue.

Hi there,

Thanks for the really helpful replies, and sorry for the late reply.

Kernel in that setup was 5.10.73-2. Thanks so much for the support offer Darksey but I won’t raise an issue at this time - I’m using dietpi for server stuff now, but remain a Manjaro ARM loyalist for everything else :slightly_smiling_face: