CPU use briefly spiking on wakeup

I took a look at the System Monitor after a wakeup and I saw that the CPU use had recently spiked almost to max, which is labeled as 1200%. Is this normal?

You probably have 12 cores. If all of them are running at the same time, you’ll have a system load of 1200%. If you already are using a tool to show the load, which processes are using this?

Of course, after waking up, all running programs and services need to be waken up: Your network interface want’s an IP, wifi is to be connected, the time is synced, all periodic services that should have run in the meantime are started (timeshift, pamac package updates, cleaning of temporary files, and many many other things.)

Yes, I have an i5-11600K. I don’t know how to see which processes are active at wakeup. I would expect that the processes are finished by the time I manage to view the System Monitor.