CPU Acceleration

Weird question but i need to pass through my gpu to qemu, but i only have one gpu, so i was wondering if there is a way to run the graphics from the cpu, using it as a renderer. I hope this explains my question adequately enough.
Also here are my system specs;
CPU i7 6700t - 2.8Ghz Boost 3.6Ghz 4 Core
GPU GTX 960 oc

That cpu has integrated graphics you can just use those.
IntelĀ® HD Graphics 530

Problem, it is prebuilt, a Alienware alpha r2, so the inbuilt are disabled (I think)

Sorry for late reply aswell

check the firmware settings, you can usually configure that yourself

Im a bit of a noob, how lol

talk tomorrow

check the literature that came with your system please or the alienware website to find out how, some things you really have to look up and learn for yourself

Ok thanks

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