Could we get a x86-64 port of phosh and/or Plasma Mobile?

Please compile phosh and plasma mobile for x86-64, this would be really nice for generic tablets.

There is an amd64 version of plasma mobile

yeah, but thats not manjaro. Plasma mobile doesnt have an AUR and phosh’s AUR doesnt work rn due to wlroots issue

Would be good to have one, Phosh preferably :slight_smile:

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I have a Surface GO waiting for Manjaro Plasma Mobile x86 :smile:

I wonder if anyone use Plasma Mobile on x86-64. As far as I know there is not Phosh for x86-64, except AUR.

I’ve got x86-64 tablet based on Intel Atom x5-Z8500 (4 cores 2240 MHz) 4GB LPDDR3 1600MHz; 64GB eMMC with a desktop version of Manjaro Linux.
I added some plasma-mobile packages, but it only opens the background with few errors.

I don’t need the desktop version, but I’m not sure what I can remove. Thus, I would appreciate any suggestions on this matter.

Thank you.