Could not save the file “/etc/fstab”

they said: “you do not have the permissions necessary to save the file. please check that you typed the location correctly and try again” but i can’t make that work, help me pls
I want to add more this (vmhgfs-fuse /mnt/hgfs fuse defautls,allow_other 0 0) in to /etc/fstab

How are you trying to access it?

Linux is permissions-based by default.

Terminal applications generally require ‘sudo’ or similar to commit administrative actions.

And graphical applications generally open without permissions.

Your ‘solution’ may be as simple as

sudo micro /etc/fstab

Here micro editor is used. Replace with nano or any other editor as required.

(though I would insist sudoedit is preferred … that is another topic)

Do not try to run graphical applications with sudo.

Some modern applications, such a Kate, make use of polkit and will ask you for a password if privileges are required. If no such applications are on hand, then use a terminal editor like above.