"could not satisfy dependencies" when downloading anything

Hello everyone,

Just installed Manjaro on my PC after a long and painful run with Windows. Unfortunately, Manjaro doesn't seem to give in when it comes to errors.
While trying to adjust some apps to my liking, I've found out that downloading doesn't work at all.
I removed Firefox effortlessly without any problems. When trying to install, let's say Brave, I get the following error message:
"could not satisfy dependencies:

removing manjaro-gnome-settings-18.0 breaks dependency 'manjaro-gnome-settings-18.0' required by manjaro-gnome-assets

removing manjaro-gnome-extension-settings-18.0 breaks dependency 'manjaro-gnome-extension-settings-18.0' required by manjaro-gnome-assets

removing manjaro-gdm-theme breaks dependency 'manjaro-gdm-theme' required by manjaro-gnome-assets"

In all honesty, I have no idea what that means, since I'm just trying to install a browser.
I've also tried to update my system through "Sudo pacman -Syyu", and I've been offered to update the dependencies written above. When trying to install however, the terminal gives me the same error as before.

Any help would be appreciated.

Try this:

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It worked, thank you!

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Do people even search the forum to see if a question has already been answered 4 times before posting the same question?

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My apologies, startpage didn't throw up any results for the error besides one thread where I seemingly missed the answer. I assumed no other threads where made so I created this post. Thank you for the heads up though, I'll do my best to avoid posting unnecessary threads in the future!

You could also use site:forum.manjaro.org "search term" for searching more specifically for something on Manjaro Forum.

For example site:forum.manjaro.org grub will give the following result from DDG:

And welcome to Manjaro Forum!


That's a pretty useful browsing tip, I'll make sure to write it down. Thanks!

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