Could not find all required packages: lib32-fakeroot (wanted by: microchip-mplabx-bin)

I tried to install microchip-mplabx-bin but it failed with
error: could not find all required packages:
lib32-fakeroot (wanted by: microchip-mplabx-bin)
Because I have multilib disabled in pacman config. I like to keep it that way so I was thinking as I already have fakeroot installed, is there a way to fake it for this package and avoid installing a 32-bit package?

Fake a fake chroot? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’ll need to enable the multilib repo and install multilib-devel to build this package. The package creates a fake chroot to run the installer.

I mean using the 64 bit version instead of the 32 bit one.

I’m assuming the AUR package maintainer would not have used lib32-fakeroot unless it was required. It appears he knows what he’s doing.

Keep in mind this is proprietary software. I’m actually impressed the AUR package maintainer figured out how to pull off installing it properly.

Seems you have studied the PKGBUILD. I must do it too then.

Actually I installed both IDE and compiler via original Linux installer with no problem. So 32bit dependencies are definitely redundant.

Well, edit the PKGBUILD, remove lib32-fakeroot and see if it builds.

Well the package maintainer kindly removed them as per my request.

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