Could not display ... there is no application installed for

Something is preventing me from uploading screenshots to this post so sorry for not being able to show you what I"m seeing.

I’m trying to run installers and programs I am downloading and I keep getting this message. (Could not display … there is no application installed for …) I can’t open or run things. Does anyone have a fix?

What are you trying to do exactly?

Most applications you will want to be installing through the repositories.

I’m trying to open and run a program I installed. This program doesn’t have an option in the repository. I double click it from my Downloads folder and it doesn’t open or run. I just get the message saying that I don’t have an application installed to open it with.

Are you familiar with linux or arch/manjaro and handling software?
What is this file that you are trying to run?
An .exe, a .deb, or … ?

A little. I’m still pretty fresh with Linux. I have a .bat a .sh and a .torrent file I am trying to run. FYI I’m having this exact issue in Windows 10 as well.

Requires a torrent client. Like qbittorrent or transmission.

Is a script. You probably have to mark it executable.
An example of doing that and running it in the terminal:

chmod +x

These are generally used on windoze.
Technically in linux the extension doesnt matter … so if it is a compatible script then you can run it like the one above. Though, again, the extension has me believing its intended for windoze.

And … I feel I should mention that if you arent familiar with these things then you probably wont be able to verify whether things like these scripts are malicious. If that is the case … then be absolutely sure you trust the source of this software before running it.

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I’m going to take the information you’ve given me and see if I can take it from here. Thank you.

Above is the program I’m trying to install to create a bootable usb. Check it out and let me know if you think it’s safe.

It looks kinda dodgy to me …
between the general design and the popup insisting it isnt a virus … but what do I know?

I did find from looking there that the installer provided is just a script .sh file. That must have been what you were referring to. You were probably just listing the other ones along with it … the bat for windows … and the torrent for download either.

Yes the .sh is the installer I was trying to run. No luck so far though.

Is there an alternate program you’d recommend for retrieving documents from hard drive on a laptop that won’t boot up?

I looked at the script and it does support for different linux distros by naming them…
Manjaro is not one of them.

The ‘Arch’ portion of the script may work … but I noticed in its very first bits that it defines updates with problematic command of sudo pacman -Syy.

I didnt look further, but it doesnt inspire confidence.

And it certainly wont work as it is now without augmentation.

If the machine wont boot because the hardware is bad … no usb will help.
If it is just the system on it thats the issue and you need something to boot from usb … then anything could work … ultimate boot disc … hirens boot cd … if the OS doesnt matter … then virtually any live system from puppy linux to a manjaro iso.


Well that explains a lot lol. I just can’t be bothered with this right now so I’m going to reinstall the OS and take a loss on my data. Thank you for your time.

Ontopic: cscs gave you the solution (you had to chmod +x the sh script. Works even with right click in the file manager and making executable in the permission).

Offtopic 1: if you want to start using linux, you cannot just click click click, you have to take a little time to read the instructions.

Offtopic 2: i still don´t get it. You are a windows user. You want to reinstall the broken machine, so the hardware works. You you somehow have another machine with manjaro, since you have no clue i guess is a usb live image on a flash drive. And you have another spare flash drive (for the ventoy-medicat / hirensboot / whatever stuff). And you do not care about repairing the windows, you just want the files.

So why you just don´t boot with manjaro live usb the broken machine, and then from the file manager copy your files from the windows drive to the spare flash drive…and then reinstall?

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