Corrupt HDMI audio from my GPU

Hi I am trying to narrow down what this issue is that both me and my dad are having, when using audio through HDMI on our Nvidia GPU's the sound is corrupted and I did some tests with different Nvidia drivers than removed it completely so it is not using it and the issue still persists. can someone please help? is this a pulse audio issue or something else?

I would start with the cable ...

That's what I would do if it was one computer but this is happening on two separate computers one in my room and using my monitor and the other in my dads room on a TV using there own HDMI cords and only noticed it happening recently after a update which I assume might of been a bug in pulse audio

I just tested the cord and speakers on my screen though HDMI with my laptop and it worked fine but when I use the audio though my GPU it's loud and distorted as well as doesn't seem to change when volume is adjusted as if it's stuck over 200% or something.

Like this? But this was a kernel bug in linux54 and was already patched.

I had this issue also, after the latest update on my living room computer that I use as a media center the HDMI audio was all staticy and loud.

It turned out that machine was still using the end of life 5.3 linux kernel. When I changed my kernel to 5.4 the problem went away. I had neglected to change the kernel to one that is still receiving updates.

Perhaps your issue has the same cause. I don't know, just sharing what I did to fix the issue when it happened to me.

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That sounds like a simular issue, let me do a kernel change and test it out and see if this is the issue

Let me see if kernel 5.4 fixes it

Yep confirmed 5.3 kernel is the issue, make sure to upgrade to kernel 5.4 if anyone is having this issue

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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