"Correct" Way to Install Custom Kernels?

What is the proper way to install custom kernels in Manjaro? I want to patch 4.5.x-Manjaro from the git repo with override_for_missing_acs_capabilities.patch and have it properly integrated into MSM and everything.

All I’m familiar with is building the package and running pacman -U kernelName.

1.Download the manjaro 4.5 kernel pkgbuild and related files.
2. Add patch you want to add in same folder with them.
3. Edit the pkgbuild to apply that patch, use other patch applying lines in the pkgbuild as reference. Add your patch to sources array.
4. Run


In that directory
5. Run

makepkg -sri

If I do this, it is installed. How can I get it to show up in the places that kernels from MSM show up?

I don’t have experience with the install flag of makepgk, how does this compare to the method I mentioned above (using pacman)?

It just installs the package with sudo pacman -U i think.

Do you mean you want it to show in grub?

sudo mkinitcpio -P
sudo update-grub

Do you mean you want it to be shown in MSM? I don’t think that happens.

How does MSM and mhwd show what kernels are installed? Using the method pacman method above does not cause an unofficial kernel to show up in these lists.

I’ve looked at the code for mhwd and it uses pacman -Ssq "^$kernel$".

MSM uses exec( "pacman", QStringList() << "-S" << "--noconfirm" << "--noprogressbar" << package << infoText, false );

I don’t see that either of them update a list of installed official kernels. Am I missing something? How do these tools check to see what kernels are installed?

if your kernel have the same syntax. linux45… it should show up.
but that’s all. you will be able to remove it. but not to install it from mhwd or msm

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It checks kernels from official repos, so if you are using a custom kernel, mhwd knows nothing about it. Theoretically if you made a (local?) repo and added that repo to your pacman.conf, mhwd might notice it. I haven’t really looked into it.

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