Coredump chrome

journalctl -b -p err
i see:

systemd-coredump[1467]: [🡕] Process 1355 (chrome) of user 1000 dumped core.

I think thats new since last stable update ( 23.07.21 )

I don’t have google-chrome-stable in autostart!

some more info:


perhaps this one causes it:

Session properties

executed as user:

[john1@manjaro cron.hourly]$ /opt/google/chrome/chrome --type=service
Crashing due to FD ownership violation:
#0 0x5561b35fb86a <unknown>
#1 0x5561b37ddd8c <unknown>
#2 0x5561b1373e90 <unknown>
#3 0x5561b2ae6ff1 <unknown>
#4 0x5561b2ae6666 <unknown>
#5 0x5561b284f3d6 <unknown>
#6 0x5561b2011f95 <unknown>
#7 0x5561b27f1b34 <unknown>
#8 0x5561b8684c42 ChromeMain
#9 0x7f810e46bb25 __libc_start_main
Trace/Breakpoint ausgelöst (Speicherabzug geschrieben)

I will disable it and see what happens!

disable the chrome updater - I don’t know what name or where - but if it is related to cron - it is most likely an update process without proper permissions.