Copy settings from one installation to another

I finally managed to install Manjaro Gnome onto an SSD drive with a BTRFS main partition. (I did this by using Fedora 34’s installer and then over-installing onto that partition which is the first time I managed to succeed with Manjaro - I find the installation scripts impossible to understand).

So now I have a fresh installation of the same OS (Manjaro Gnome) in a different SSD.

Question1: Can I copy/paste all the settings from the first Ext4-loaded system on SSD 1 into this new BTRFS-loaded system on SSD 2?

Question 2: what do I need in order to get the snapshot backups working? Is it just Timeshift and Snapshots from the Software center?

I successfully used the Home partition from a KDE Mint installation. I think it was KDE 5.16.x at that point. You will need to study how to do that. There are tutorials.

In my cases only a few tweaks and cleanup measures were needed afterwards. But everyone’s system is different so I cannot tell you what those might be for you. Good luck!

This is not recommended for beginners I should add.

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Thanks. (Although I’ve ticked it off, I don’t get notifications hence belated reply.) I did it once and it worked fairly well, but entirely forgot until you reminded me.

In think the reason more users do not try it is that you do not know exactly what the clean up issues are that you will face after doing it. You have to trust that they will all be minor. Mine were, fortunately. :slightly_smiling_face: