Copy image instead of saving - Spectacle app

Hi, so I have set-up a shortcut to open the rectangular region screenshot mode and when I use that shortcut and take a screenshot, it saves it. Now I don't want it to save the image but instead copy it. What can I do?


In general configuration tab you set it like this


It is set to this option already

Then you are set. Once you Ctrl+V in an editing image program, or office document, that copied image will be pasted. Or you can paste it in Dolphin or for example here in the forum.

No, I am saying that using the keyboard shortcut and not opening the app for screenshots, using the keyboard app, it saves it to the disk instead of copying

The Sectacle window needs to be opened even tho you use the shortcut for rectangular region in order to be copied to clipboard, otherwise will directly save it.

That's what I don't want. I want it to save to the clipboard but not be opened. Any solutions?

Ask KDE Plasma developers to change that behavior. For now is like this:

  • with the window opened and dealing with different types of screenshots from it you can save, copy or edit in another application
  • with the window opened, you can use shortcuts and will directly copy it to clipboard
  • with the window closed, using shortcuts it will always save the screenshot to default location

Probably you would prefer something like flameshot


Is there anyway to set a keyboard shortcut for flameshot? I really really loved it

It used to be possible to add a custom shortcut to this command /usr/bin/flameshot gui in System Settings > Shortcuts

Never used it as my flameshot is a click away in the panel.

I already answer this question once I think..

I'm not on my computer right now..
Check spectacle help.. there is command option to don't open spectacle and just copy to clipboard
What shortcut did you create?


Hey, that's awesome and it seems was one of few topics i didn't read. Still many things to read on the forum :smiley:

@Daksh777 - please check the above comment out, something i was not aware of :wink:

~ >>> spectacle --help
Usage: spectacle [options]
KDE Screenshot Utility

-h, --help                 Displays help on commandline options.
--help-all                 Displays help including Qt specific options.
-v, --version              Displays version information.
--author                   Show author information.
--license                  Show licence information.
--desktopfile <file name>  The base file name of the desktop entry for this
-f, --fullscreen           Capture the entire desktop (default)
-m, --current              Capture the current monitor
-a, --activewindow         Capture the active window
-u, --windowundercursor    Capture the window currently under the cursor,
including parents of pop-up menus
-t, --transientonly        Capture the window currently under the cursor,
excluding parents of pop-up menus
-r, --region               Capture a rectangular region of the screen
-g, --gui                  Start in GUI mode (default)
-b, --background           Take a screenshot and exit without showing the GUI
-s, --dbus                 Start in DBus-Activation mode
-n, --nonotify             In background mode, do not pop up a notification
when the screenshot is taken
-o, --output <fileName>    In background mode, save image to specified file
-d, --delay <delayMsec>    In background mode, delay before taking the shot
(in milliseconds)
-c, --clipboard            In background mode, copy screenshot to clipboard
-w, --onclick              Wait for a click before taking screenshot.
Invalidates delay
~ >>>

I think 'spectacle -b -c' does it - I'm going to assign that to a 'square' mouse gesture as we speak :wink:

Update - perfect, can paste into GIMP and no image saved.

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In his case it would be -brc for the rectangular region :wink: like as in my previous answer

Spectacle it's a pretty good screenshot tool.. just missing a simple way to draw/write annotations on the screenshot


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